Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hockey Player Gets Cold Feet; Cancels Wedding via E-mail

A huge Hockey Mom head thump to L.A. Kings' player Jarret Stoll, who cancelled his wedding to former supermodel Rachel Hunter via e-mail. Now it's perfectly understandable that a 27-year old marrying a gal 13 years his senior might get cold feet, but Stoll might have consulted Miss Manners on how to properly cancel (or maybe even postpone) his star-studded nuptials in the technology age.

Just thought all you sports fans out there might like a little celebrity gossip (that doesn't involve Jon and Kate + 8 - Jon). Seriously, TLC please pull the plug for the love and from a fellow mom of multiples: Kate, you need to get a life and be a mom instead of tabloid fodder.


DCSportsChick said...

Kate is a money-grubbing whore and Jon isn't much better. Those poor children.

Anonymous said...

I will gossip about hockey players all day before I say 1 word about J&K+8. More, more MORE!!!
Hockey Kim