Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Can We Love A Former Flyer? Yes, We Can!

Can Caps fans love a former Flyer? HM says "yes we can" - especially one who'll park his tush in front of the crease for a 47 point season. TSN is reporting that the organization has signed right winger Mike Knuble from Philly for a 2-year contract at $2.8 million per season! Nice move GMGM - just what the doctor ordered. Now, on to that Michael Nylander issue...

On a sad note, we officially say good-bye to one of the nicest players I've had the chance to interview, Donald Brashear. Brash is headed to NYC to replace Rangers enforcer Colton Orr (who was traded to Toronto Maple Leafs). Now that'll be weird seeing big Donald in a Rangers sweater dropping the gloves with say, John Erskine?

If you haven't already heard, the blockbuster deal of the day has Marian Hossa (on his third team in as many seasons) headed to the Chicago Blackhawks with a 12-year, $62.8 million contract...

1 comment:

Dan, Jr. said...

Signing Knuble works for me. Nice price too.

Sorry to see Brash go to another team. It will be wierd seeing him in another team's jersey, but at least he went to a different division.

Hossa going to Chicago seems odd to me. They're gonna have some serious cap issues in their near future.