Monday, September 14, 2009

Hockey Moms Gone Wild

Now HM has been known to express her frustration now and then over a call (or lack thereof) during a kid's game with a choice expletive mumbled (note mumbled - not yelled) within the comfort zone of my fellow team parents. But at one of the boys' games yesterday, I witnessed one of the most ridiculous exhibitions of bad behavior from a group of hockey moms that I've seen during my years in the bleachers.

In what was supposed to be a fun game followed by a tailgate between our club and a club from Philadelphia (now I'm not pointing fingers, here but just sayin'), a small group of women harassed the refs mercilessly, complete with their own very loud f-bombs and such to the point it was amazing they didn't get tossed. Play seemed to stop after almost every whistle (the result of objection to almost every legal check from this raucous group). One gal snapping pictures kept offering "photographic evidence" of alleged trips and other violations to the officials. What is this, CSI?

To make matters worse, the parents behavior was carried on to the ice as the kids seemed to become more physical the louder the hockey moms gone wild became.

However, the biggest shocker to me was when one of the more vocal ones in the group walked over to our players at the end of the game and screamed at them (for winning). HM almost had to bust a move right then and there but luckily some of the more level-headed dads stepped in. Needless to say, there was no cohesive tailgate between the two groups at the end and the whole experience brings me back to a point that I've touched on many times before: Sportmanship starts at home. And more importantly, it's a kid's game for crying out loud so simmer down Frances and enjoy it!

*In Caps action: The boys take the ice for Day Two of Training Camp today minus Tomas Fleischmann, who is suffering from a blood clot in his leg. He thinks it might have been a result of a blocked shot in the Penguins series (yet another reason to dislike those blasted ice fowl) combined with a long flight home to the Czech Republic. Here's to a speedy recovery Flash!

And the Dany Heatley drama has subsided but the Michael Nylander soap opera continues with Nyls saying he still wants to play for the Caps (while his wife and kids are still in Europe, hmmmm) - stay tuned....


Deana said...

Can't agree with you more HM!

You know that this Phila friend is especially sensitive to your less than favorable references to our City of Brotherly love, but even I was embarrassed by the blatant display of vulgarity. You would think they were at a Flyers-Caps game:)LOL

Only hope this is not an indication of things to come for our boys season...could make for a very long season, and worry that there won't be enough hands to hold back our fiesty HM!!
Got your back sister!

Anonymous said...

HM, it sounds like the refs needed to start their season by warning the first of the f-bomb dropping parents with a warning and then tossing the 2nd from the building. My sense is that referees down here understand that game management is not limited to 'the ice'.

Next time your boys play up there, it might not hurt for your Coach to remind the refs of past problems with parents and ask them to be observant of off ice behavior.

Best of luck to your boys this season!

OrderedChaos said...

Don't call me Frances! ;-)

DP said...

When a team is getting spanked, it is only natural that feelings of doubt creep into the minds of the moms of the next Ovechkin! "How can my son and his team take such a beating? It must be the refs! I think I will abuse the refs because it is obviously their fault. Then, I shall yell at the 13 year old boys... because that makes me feel good"

marion said...

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