Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Stanley Cup Finals Start Saturday

I aplogize in advance to my fabulous, faithful readers for my spotty series of lackadaisical blog posts lately. The Capitals fans among you will get it - I just can't find it in me to get overly excited about watching the Hawks and Flyers play for Lord Stanley's Cup. Plus, there really hasn't been any super exciting news in Capsland to howl about as of late, other than Backstrom's signing, Ovi losing a few more teeth and getting a new dog and several very sad photos of Alex Semin tearing up after Russia's loss at the World Championships (Eegads, son - pour yourself a Zima and get yourself together; there's no crying in hockey)!

But even though we don't have a dog in the hunt, as a hockey fan, HM will be watching the Stanley Cup Finals (and I've sort of already jumped on the Blackhawks bandwagon - hope they don't mind). The series kicks off in Chicago on Saturday night and go figure, Hockey Mom and crew will be in Philadelphia for a hockey tournament, lucky me. A fellow hockey mom and Flyers fan offered to bring me to Wachovia Center to watch with the rest of the crazies (I think she was kidding) but I politely declined knowing full well that I'd probably come out of that place looking like Duncan Keith with a black eye. In all seriousness, it will be entertaining to watch these two go at it - if for nothing else but the grit factor. I will be curious to see how Flyer's goalie Michael Leighton stacks up against Chicago's scary offense. Jonathan Toews, Patrick Sharp and Patrick Kane already have seven playoff goals to date, while the beast, Dustin Bfyuglien, has eight. Meanwhile, Annti Niemi and the Hawks' defense will have to keep an eye on the sneaky pocket-sized Danny Briere, who has scored nine playoff goals thus far followed closely by mates Claude Giroux (8); Simon Gagne (7); and their fearless leader Mike Richards (6). HM would reckon to venture that this SCF might be the only time you'll find Capitals, Penguins and Rangers fans united for the same cause - rooting for the Blackhawks. Or are they, as this post from Rangers writer Scotty Hockey examines?

Either way, it's sure to be a chippy series full of line brawls between very hairy men - speaking of which, check out today's very funny Puck Daddy, where he offers a complete style analysis of both the Hawks' and Flyers' playoff beards.

And in other random puck-related news:
  •  The Tampa Bay Lightning are coming closer to losing the sideshow aura that unfortunately followed them during the reign of former owners Len Barrie and Oren Koules (clown residents in charge). New team owner Jeff Vinik has hired one of the greatest names in hockey, Steve Yzerman, as the team's new GMYzerman left for his new post after an illustrious 27-year career as both a Stanley Cup winning player and  later, in a management  role, with the prestigious Detroit Red Wings organization. With Steve Stamkos lighting it up and Stevie Y in the front office, things just might be looking brighter in the Sunshine State.

  • Fellow hockey moms - check out this very helpful blog about skate sharpening from one of my favorite hockey bloggers Bourne's Blog (he is very witty plus includes totally random snippets about his cute cat). I have to drop the twins' skates off to be sharpened before the tourney tomorrow and am glad I can finally appear somewhat knowledgeable on this subject.

  • Finally, posted on the photo album from HM's recent office golf (make that putt putt outing) regarding her less than stellar performance: "The day's WORST golfer. But it's not her fault. Hockey Mom kept trying to pass the ball, but no one was crashing the hole to put it in. She was so confused by the "team" thing."

Call me crazy....

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