Thursday, June 17, 2010

In the News

Here are some breaking news items HM just came across:

- Am glad to report that Flyer's star Danny Briere and his 9-year old son are okay after their car crashed in New York state early this morning.

-And let the trade shockers begin! Word is that the Montreal Canadiens have traded goaltender Jaroslav Halak (yep, we remember that guy all too well thank you) to the St. Louis Blues. Sorry I can't help you out with the French translation there....but I have to say, didn't see that trade coming. Wow!


Dan, Jr. said...

Here is a translated link.

Vous êtes bienvenu. J'espère que ceci aide.

Diane said...

That is hard to believe. I had originally figured the Canadiens would have been more likely to keep Halak than Price. Unless these prospects are really hot.

Hockey Mom said...

Dan Jr. Merci Beaucoup!!!