Monday, July 19, 2010

Hockey Mom Hiatus Comes to an End

I'm back in the D.C. area after a wonderful visit with my family down in Thrasherland (or would that be "Blackhawks South" now)? And as I expected, there were no blockbuster trades made while I was on vacation on the part of the Washington Capitals - or any other team for that matter. But I did miss this year's Development Camp, which showcased some red-hot young talent with a few mean Joe Finley fights mixed in. HM was wishing she had Big Joe on Twin A's lacrosse field yesterday when he took a painful illegal slash to the ribs (which of course the ref didn't call - must have been blinded by the blistering heat). Needless to say, Joe Finley would have put an abrupt stop to those shenanigans just by standing there...

In all seriousness, the fabulous folks over at Russian Machine Never Breaks have a fantastic recap of all the week's happenings along with the fun-filled Fan Fest that took place on Saturday (while HM was sweating buckets on the lacrosse field - lovely). Meanwhile, the ongoing saga of where Ilya Kovalchuk would sign (Kings, Devils, KHL, back to Kings - no, wait) has ended. The Russian sniper has ended the crazy LeBronesque speculation by announcing today that he resigned a multi-year deal with the New Jersey Devils.  Other than that, there's really been no spectacular hockey happenings to report to get us through these sizzling dog days of summer - is it October yet?

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