Saturday, October 23, 2010

Cheerleaders in the NHL Finally Make it to Canada - To the Despair of Hockey Traditionalists

Many of the Southeastern Conference teams have had them for years - cheerleaders, spirit girls, whatever you want to call them. As if NHL fans need any more spirit. The Capitals debuted the Red Rockers a few seasons ago, much to the chagrin of many fans that don't fall into the 14-year old boy demographic. But we've come to accept them as part of the in-game entertainment, even though the process took awhile.

Well now the hockey cheerleader phenomenon has crossed the border into Canada as the Edmonton Oilers announced the addition of a cheer squad to the dismay of hockey purists across the country. HM heard from a male hockey fan on the new Oilers' pom-pom shaking addition, who had this to say: "I'm there to see brawls not broads." Enuff said. But for a unique perspective on the Oilers' recent announcement from a tried and true Canadian female fan, check out this post from Hockey & High Heels author Lisa Ovens. From the reaction HM is gauging from around the hockey blogosphere, mainsteam media and Twitterverse, Lisa is not the only one of our hockey-loving neighbors to the North wanting to "just say no" to "spirit squads"...

Editor's Note: Hockey Mom will be previewing Lisa's new book For the Love of Empty Net Goals on this blog in the very near future. Sure to be a very fun read - be sure to pre-order yours from her Web site.

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