Thursday, December 16, 2010

HBO's 24/7 Capitals/Penguins: Road to the Winter Classic a Hit with Hockey Fans

HM downed a one-pump, double shot Starbuck's mocha at 7 p.m. last night in an effort to stay awake for the debut of HBO's HBO's 24/7 Capitals/Penguins Road to the Winter Classic (yes folks, anything after the 10 p.m. hour is past my bedtime during the work week). It was well worth it and I am already looking forward to the next "episode" airing next Wednesday - and hoping the Capitals have better results to document. Despite the disparity between the Caps' current losing streak and the Penguins' winning streak (which was broken this week by their bitter rivals down the road in Philly), the show provides an entertaining and fascinating look behind the scenes.

I always wonder what Gabby says in between periods in the locker room, especially when the boys aren't performing up to snuff. Well, sports fans got the real deal last night as they witnessed several of Boudreau's frustrated rants with an f-bomb inserted about every other word. Yep, hide yo wife, hide yo husband and definitely hide yo kids as Gabby's cussing everybody out up in here!

We also got to see a bit of Alex Ovechkin's wit (and yes, Sidney Crosby comes off as plain as vanilla) as he argued with a ref after his BFF Alex Semin got tossed for his cross-check on Colorado's John-Michael Liles. When debating whether or not Liles was bleeding as a result of the high stick to the head, AO retorted to the ref "Well, maybe he just has sensitive skin." Priceless..

Here are a few other takes on last night's debut from Off Wing Opinion and Puckhead's Thoughts. I personally loved it and if you don't have HBO, get on the phone to your local cable provider today!

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