Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sportsmanship is Part of Being a Captain

Hockey Mom is still reveling in the aftermath of the wet and wonderful win by our Caps in the Winter Classic (and re-watching CBC's broadcast - sorry NBC, but they did a mucho better job). And as if Caps fans needed another reason to dislike Sidney Crosby, last night's refusal to shake hands after the game (one of the cool things about hockey) added one more to the list. Since we've been playing travel hockey, no matter how bad you get your butt handed to you, it's a tradition to line up and shake hands. Of course I hear stories from my boys about how opponents mutter obscenities under their breath while shaking hands but hey, at least it appears that they are exhibiting good sportsmanship from our view in the stands.

I came across this piece this morning from The Hockey Writers about the Penguins not participating in the handshake and I had to share. Monica McAlister is right on here - what kind of message does this send to young hockey players who are told by their coaches that they must engage in the handshake line, no matter how badly their pride may be hurt? Sorry Sid - but that was not a smart move...


Ray Tetz said...

How did you watch the CBC broadcast?

HOCKEY MOM said...

Hi Ray -
It was broadcast early morning on January 2 on NHL Network. There was more play-by-play and less banter - plus they weren't playing with bizarre aerial angles while one was trying to follow the play ; )

Ray Tetz said...

Thanks! I noticed it there after I posted the question. I was hoping you'd figured out a way to get it live here in the US during the actual event. Now that would be cool.
We enjoy your blog--keep it up!