Friday, July 31, 2009

Juice Signs New Deal

Big rig Milan Jurcina has come to an agreement with the Caps after going through arbitration, resulting in a one-year deal said to be in the $1.375 million range.

A little more info on Juice from the team's press release:

Jurcina, 26, appeared in a career-high 79 games for the Capitals in 2008-09 and led defensemen in games played. He had three goals and set career highs in assists (11) and points (14), and the team was 10-3-0 when he recorded a point. Jurcina was first on the club with 131 blocked shots and second with 157 hits. He added two goals in 14playoff games and was third on the team at +6.

The Liptovsky Mikulas, Slovakia, native was the Boston Bruins’ eighth-round choice, 241st overall, in the 2001 Entry Draft. He was acquired by the Capitals from Boston in exchange for a fourth-round pick in the 2008 NHL Draft on Feb. 1, 2007. He has played in 275 NHL games – 184 of them with Washington – and has 14 goals and 32 assists in his career.

On another note, we all know that NHL fans are some of the most tech-savvy sports fans on the planet. HM has found an incredible resource for fun and factual (and some not-so-factual) hockey info in Twitter. Although I don't personally "tweet" so much (due to my dated technological apparatus - am upgrading to the IPhone in a month - yippee), I have found it to be a hockey fan's oasis as far as news and interesting stories go. For all you sports fans looking for a fix in the midst of this long and dull summer, check out some of the top sites to follow on Twitter, courtesy of From the Rink.

One last tidbit related to my fellow sorority of hockey moms out there. One of my co-workers brought in a vintage Canadiens hockey sweater circa 1970 or so to show me and a fellow hockey mom co-worker. As we inspected this replica of "old-time hockey" and commented on the differences between it and the current Reebok versions, I instinctively held it up to my nose and took a whiff. The jersey owner started howling with laughter and said "that's what she (other hockey mom) just did!" Not sure what is ingrained in us hockey moms with our innate instinct to smell jerseys and such, but it was pretty funny. On the subject of smell, after taking 3 boys home yesterday following a 5-hour power skating clinic, my car smells worse than a NYC subway on a 100 degree day. Anyone know any good auto detailers out there?

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mid-Summer Musings

My apologies Caps fans for my extreme lameness in updating you with new and exciting news about the team we all know and love - because there isn't any! Yes sirree, we are stuck in the summer doldrums - seems like a bazillion years until hockey season begins! HM just got both of the twins' pre-season on and off-ice practice schedules for August, so my madness will start much sooner than the Capitals.

Even though there's not a whole lot of shakin' going on in the NHL world these days, there's still some must-read news and fun stuff circulating throughout the hockey blogosphere:

  • The always hilarious and insightful Caps Chick breaks down her list of personal faves (Jerome Iginla, anyone?)

  • Alex Ovetjkin is following the star-studded vacation escapades of the Great Eight back in his hometown of Moscow

  • James Mirtle over at From the Rink examines MSM and "new media" and features input from the one-of-a-kind Puck Daddy

So that's about it for now - as we wait for the outcome of Milan Jurcina's salary arbitration hearing. HM is headed to the lake for some much-needed R&R this weekend - hope you all are enjoying your summer and not suffering too terribly from HWS (hockey withdrawal syndrome, of course).

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hockey Mom Previews Capitals Convention

Hockey Mom Chats with Capitals’ Chief Marketing Officer, Tim McDermott, about the First-Ever Capitals Convention

Now that Development Camp is over, it seems like a long road until the end of summer when Caps fans can catch hockey fever all over again. Well, now the road just got a little shorter with the announcement of the total Caps experience - the Capitals Convention on September 26! This is going to be an event like no other Caps fans have ever seen and Hockey Mom recently had a chance to get some fun details on the Capitals Convention from the team's Chief Marketing Officer, Tim McDermott:

You’ve said that the Capitals Convention may use some elements from the Chicago Blackhawks convention, which staged this past weekend (and included cameos from Hawks players Kris Versteeg, Christobal Huet and others entertaining the masses with some keep-your-day-jobs karaoke tunes)! What are some of the unique components that fans will experience during the Caps Convention?

One of the biggest differences is the venue itself. The Gaylord National Resort and Conventions Center venue is so impressive that it will give the event planners a lot of leeway and creativity in staging the event.

We have over 100,000 square feet of space which includes 2 grand ballrooms and at least 3 individual breakout rooms.

We actually had two of our staff members attend last weekend’s Blackhawk Convention so they will be making a full presentation for our planning purposes.

The Caps Convention is going to be a huge undertaking that requires almost 100,000 square feet of floor space to accommodate everything. How far in advance did you start the planning process?

We sent a team out to the Chicago Blackhawks Convention last year after we’d heard so many great things about it. After they returned from Chicago, we knew that this was something unique that we could offer our fans and use to build even more excitement about the Capitals and continue to build awareness for the organization.

So the Caps Convention has been in the planning stages for more than a year now.

The sheer size and multiple activities taking place at the Convention will make it an “all hands on deck” event. All of our players will be there, along with the ownership, management, front office staff, the trainers, alumni, scouts and the equipment managers, all of who will be ensuring that this is a one-of-a-kind experience for Capitals fans of all ages.

I am looking forward to the panel discussions, especially the Covering the Caps, Ask the Coaches, Kids-Only Press Conference and Caps on the Rise sessions. Can you elaborate more on these panels and talk about other panels that may be in the works?

There will definitely be more added and we’ll be polling the fans for their input on what additional panels they’d be interested in. (Hockey Mom note: Caps fans, be sure to place your vote on in the coming weeks!)

Covering the Caps will incorporate bloggers and local media. The panelists will share their unique perspective on covering the team including what they think makes for a good story, how they get their information, etc. This is will definitely give fans some insight on what it’s like behind-the-scenes for those who report on the Capitals.

Kids-Only Press Conference will be for fans ages 14 and under (and their parents of course) and gives the kids an opportunity to ask the questions they’ve always wondered about – there are sure to be some interesting questions in this session!

Just like a regular convention, the breakout panels will be concurrent so you can pick which ones you want to attend. Space will be limited so decide early which sessions you’d like to sit in on. Of course, there will be a program that will help you plan your own Capitals Convention itinerary.

This is such a great way to celebrate Caps Hockey (and judging from the SRO crowd at Development Camp on Saturday, there’s no question in my mind that D.C. is a hockey town)! How many tickets have you sold to date and what do you think fans will be buzzing about the most after leaving the Convention?

We have sold 3,200 tickets to date and we anticipate selling between 4,500 and 5,000 total. We want to make sure we do this right and the event is of the highest level of quality, so we didn’t want it to get too large the first year. We are on pace to sell out but want to make sure it is done on a first-class level. Based on attendance, we may entertain making the event a multi-day event next year. Our expectations have been exceeded regarding fan excitement!

Panel discussions will probably be the thing the fans remember the most – giving fans a real inside look into the workings of NHL franchise and the daily life of players, coaches and management. For example, “Capologist” Don Fishman will give a detailed presentation on how the salary cap really works. Another fascinating topic will be hearing from the scouts on what they look for in an NHL prospect. And of course, we’ll hear from Ted Leonsis, George McPhee and Bruce Boudreau. It will be a total Caps-immersive event!

We feel that the September 26 date was a great time to kick off the season and get the media buzzing and fans excited. Our season tends to peak in terms of awareness in January and we feel that the convention will help create awareness for the season even earlier. We feel that there’s no better time than now to keep building on the passion of our fan base!

This is sure to be a fun event for all ages but I think the kids especially are going to have a blast with the four full-oval rinks, two half-oval rinks and the games area. What kinds of activities will be taking place here?

Players and/or alumni will be doing demonstrations and skills clinics on these rinks which will be a lot of fun, especially for the kids.

I know that you’ve sold out of all the Golden Tickets, which grant the ticket-holders special VIP session seating and guaranteed autographs from all the players via a “fast-pass” autograph line. How many of these were available and how quickly did they go?

The 100 Golden Tickets went on sale on a Thursday and were sold out by Sunday!

It should also be noted that the team won’t be making money off of this event. The Capitals Conventions is seen as an investment in the fan base, the D.C. community and the sport of hockey. We’ve hired the professional production company (Hat Trick Productions) that produces the Chicago Blackhawk’s Convention to stage the Capitals Convention and are confident that they will stage a world-class event for our fans!

No other sports team in D.C. has done a fan-fest or any other event of this magnitude so we are especially excited to be able to present this innovative convention for our fan base.

Of course I have to ask you about Club Scarlet! Are there any activities planned during the Convention for Club Scarlet members and can you give us a preview what’s in store for Scarlet members next season?

The Convention will mark the first time that Club Scarlet merchandise will be available to members We are also working on other ideas on how to incorporate Club Scarlet into the Convention, be it a panel discussion or some other format.

For next season, we’ll definitely be doing the Hockey & Heels again and may add a Hockey & Heels 201 for female fans who’ve previously attended Hockey & Heels. We definitely have lots of events in the works for next season so stay tuned. Ideally, we’d like to have a Club Scarlet event each month.

So a big Hockey Mom high-five to Tim McDermott for giving us some inside scoop on the inaugural Capitals Convention! Now we’re a little more than a month away from one of biggest (and sure to be the coolest) Capitals fan events ever. If you haven’t already done so, be sure to get your tickets today as they are going fast – Caps-crazy fun for the whole family guaranteed!

Brent Johnson Signs with Pittsburgh Penguins

The Capitals have lost a fan favorite to the dark side today as goaltender Brent Johnson signed a one-year deal with the rival Pittsburgh Penguins. (h/t Japer's Rink)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Capital's Pre-Season Schedule Released

Let the countdown to hockey season begin in earnest as the 2009 pre-season schedule was released yesterday! Hockey fans can now mark their calendars and count the days until September 21, when the first home game takes place at the Phone Booth against the Buffalo Sabres.

The pre-season lineup also includes a repeat performance against the New York Rangers, except this time we'll see our old friend Donald Brashear wearing Rangers blue for the bottle-tossing John Tortorella! We'll also see the young gun Chicago Blackhawks, who've been surgically enhanced (this still remains to be seen) with the addition of the travelling Marian Hossa.

Also in September, don't forget the Capitals Convention - this is going to be a fabulous event for Caps fans of all ages! Hockey Mom will have all the fun details and breaking news in the weeks to come.

For your planning purposes, here's the 2009 Washington Capitals Pre-Season Schedule:

  • Date TBA - Buffalo Sabres (HSBC Arena) - TIME TBA

  • Saturday, September 19 - Chicago Blackhawks (United Center) - 8:30 p.m. (ET)

  • Monday, September 21 - Buffalo Sabres (Verizon Center) - 7 p.m. (ET)

  • Wednesday, September 23 - Chicago Blackhawks (Verizon Center) - 7 p.m. (ET)

  • Thursday, September 24 - New York Rangers (Madison Square Garden) - 7 p.m. (ET)

  • Sunday, September 27 - New York Rangers (Verizon Center) - Noon

    The official season kicks off on October 1 against the big, bad Boston Bruins. Click here for the rest of the schedule and let the puck madness begin!

    And while we're on the subject of the Boston Bruins, a big HM high-five to ESPN's Scott Burnside for pointing out the obvious - the crazy factor in forgoing Alexander Ovechkin in favor of the "even more thugnasty than last year's version" Philadelphia Flyers to take on the Bruins in the Winter Classic. The Winter Classic has become one of the biggest marketing tools in the NHL's toolshed for capturing new fans by exposing this great game to a broader demographic. I'm thinking that whoever made the ultimate decision to yet again pass on having the current MVP and most exciting player in the game today featured in next season's Winter Classic was either sleeping or hungover (or both) during that Marketing 101 class.
  • Tuesday, July 14, 2009

    Boyd Gordon Inks a Deal

    Caps fans will glad to hear the news that fan fave Boyd Gordon, has signed with the team for another fun-filled season! "Gordo" just finished his sixth season with the Capitals and was credited with five goals and nine assists. He was most impressive last season in the face off department, with a 63.3% face off percentage during the playoffs.

    And in other hockey happenings, the Hershey Bears have promoted former assistant coach Mark French to head bench boss. Troy Mann has been named the Bears’ new assistant coach and will join French behind the bench as Hershey defends its Calder Cup championship in 2009-10. French replaces Bob Woods, who was promoted to assistant coach in Washington after leading the Bears to the AHL title. He joined the Hershey staff on Jan. 2, 2008, after Woods had been promoted to head coach.

    On the other side of the spectrum, rumor has it that Chicago Blackhawks General Manager, Dale Tallon, just joined the ever-growing ranks (can someone do something about this economy already, for the love?) of the unemployed and will be replaced by Stan Bowman, the son of legendary coach Scotty Bowman. Tallon found himself in a bit of a pickle recently after qualifiying offers for several of the teams' key players (Cam Ward and Kris Versteeg among them) weren't mailed out in time. Um, big fat "ooops"!

    And yet another rumor is swirling that the Capitals may face the retooled during the off-season Montreal Canadiens in Montreal's ginormous Olympic Stadium (h/t Japer's Rink). The full NHL schedule is slated to be released tomorrow. Not that Hockey Mom can plan anything around that, as we won't have the boys' hockey schedule anytime soon. But I'll have great fun pencilling the entire thing into my date book (no, I don't have a Crackberry yet - still working on that one).

    So the Capitals' prospects version of "America's Got Talent" continues today at the Capital's 2009 Development Camp. Capitals' draft picks will be put through the paces (including the infamous "bag skate") by Gabby and his staff to evaluate their progress. HM heard some twittering that several of the prospects dined on Chinese food court fare yesterday - that would not have been pretty should they have actually required a barf bag after the brutal on-ice drills. I am hoping to get down to Kettler Capitals Iceplex this weekend to catch the tail end of camp, but in the meantime, prospects Braden Holtby and Trevor Buess will be "tweeting" about their own Development Camp experiences all week at

    Friday, July 10, 2009

    Capitals Sign Veteran Center Brendan Morrison

    The Washington Capitals added yet another seasoned veteran to the fold, signing Brendan Morrison, who split last season between the Dallas Stars and Anaheim Ducks.

    Here's more info courtesy of the Caps' PR team:

    Capitals Sign Center Brendan Morrison

    ARLINGTON, VA. – The Washington Capitals have signed unrestricted free agent center Brendan Morrison to a one-year contract, vice president and general manager George McPhee announced today. In keeping with club policy, financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

    A 5’11”, 181-pound native of Pitt Meadows, British Columbia, Morrison has had 50-plus points six times, including four 20-goal seasons. He has played 755 career games with four teams – Dallas, Anaheim, Vancouver and New Jersey – spanning 12 NHL seasons. Morrison has 175 goals and 330 assists (505 points) in his NHL career, with career highs in goals (25), assists (46) and points (71) coming in 2002-03 with the Canucks.

    Morrison, who will turn 34 on Aug. 15, split last season between Anaheim and Dallas, posting 16 goals and 31 points in 81 games. He had 32 penalty minutes and a +3 rating. Morrison played 542 consecutive NHL games from 2000-07, but was hampered by injuries the past two seasons.

    Morrison’s best seasons came as a member of the Canucks, where he amassed 393 points in 543 games from 2000-08 and was among the team’s top five scorers for six years in a row. He has consistently been a plus player, with a career rating of +55, and has 47 power-play goals, seven shorthanded goals and 38 game-winning goals to his credit.

    A second-round draft choice of New Jersey in 1993, 39th overall, he earned AHL All-Rookie Team honors as a member of the Devils’ affiliate, the Albany River Rats, when he led them in scoring in 1997-98.

    Morrison won the Hobey Baker Award as the nation’s top college player in 1997 (the same award McPhee won as a player at Bowling Green) and led Michigan to the national championship in 1996. He led the nation in scoring three times for the Wolverines, collecting 102 goals and 182 assists (284 points) in 155 games. Morrison was a teammate of recent Capitals signee Mike Knuble for two years at Michigan and again with Linkopings in Sweden in 2004-05.

    Thursday, July 9, 2009

    A Hockey Legend Hangs Up His Skates

    Future Hall of Famer Joe Sakic officially hung up his skates for retirement today after an amazing 20 seasons with the Quebec Nordiques/Colorado Avalanche organization. His incredible career includes two Stanley Cups and 13 All-Star appearances and his smoking wrist shot helped earn him the eighth spot in points among the top NHL leaders. And throw in an Olympic Gold medal with Team Canada to the mix! Sakic's season was cut short last year due to back surgery and a freak run in with a snowblower, which injured three of his fingers. Sakic, Colorado's captain for 16 consecutive seasons, is well-respected among his peers for his quiet leadership and sportsmanship on the ice.

    Best of luck to a class-act and one of hockey's greatest! The Avalanche will retire Sakic's #19 jersey along side fellow legends Patrick Roy and Ray Bourque at the team's season opener.

    Wednesday, July 8, 2009

    Save the Date for the First Ever Caps Convention!

    Following in the footsteps of the wildly successful Chicago Cubs and Chicago Blackhawks Conventions, the ever-innovative Washington Capitals are staging their own convention for the most important folks in the organization - their red-rocking, fabulous and fiercely loyal fans!

    Mark your calendars for September 26 and make plans to join the Caps and your fellow fans for what sounds like a phenomenal event!

    HM will keep you posted on details as they come in, but for now ere's the official release from the team (I for one - can't wait):

    First Capitals Convention at Gaylord Convention Center Sept. 26
    Current and former players highlight this daylong interactive experience

    ARLINGTON, Va. – The Washington Capitals will hold their first Capitals Convention on Saturday, Sept. 26 at the Gaylord Convention Center at the National Harbor in Oxon Hill, Md. The all-day event will feature the entire 2009-10 Capitals team as well as Capitals alumni, who along with radio and TV personalities, coaches, and team executives will participate in a variety of breakout sessions and panel discussions that will give fans a first-time look at behind-the-scenes operations as well as an insight into the lives of NHL players. There also will be interactive activities for adults and children, a display containing many of the NHL’s most prominent trophies, a locker-room store featuring game-used authentic memorabilia and the team’s annual equipment sale.

    “This is a unique opportunity for our organization to engage our fans on a variety of levels,” said Capitals majority owner Ted Leonsis. “It’s an opportunity for our players, coaches, alumni and front office to provide insights as well as the intricacies of our organization and our great sport.”

    This will be the first chance for fans to meet the 2009-10 Capitals players as a group. The Sept. 26 festivities begin at 9 a.m. for season-ticket holders and 10 a.m. for the general public and will conclude at 8 p.m. Tickets, priced at $40 for adults and $25 for children 14 and younger, go on sale July 9 to season-ticket holders and July 14 to the general public. There are a limited number of “Golden Tickets” available for $350, which guarantees all player autographs with access to a special fast-pass autograph line and priority seating for panel discussions. Tickets will be available at

    Panel discussions will feature Leonsis, general manager George McPhee and head coach Bruce Boudreau and will focus on the behind-the-scenes, day-to-day responsibilities of operating a professional hockey club. Additionally, current and former Capitals players will participate in discussions that provide a glimpse of a professional athlete’s life and what they experience during the season.

    There will be more than a dozen panel discussions at the convention, and in the near future fans also will be given an opportunity to vote at on other panels that they would like to see. Current panel discussions, which are subject to change, include:

  • Ask the Coaches – Sit down with members of the coaching staff and pick their brains. See what differentiates their roles and responsibilities and how that impacts the team.

  • Covering the Caps – Ever wondered what it was like to be a reporter covering the Capitals? This session will let fans see what it is like to be a member of the media. Learn what transpires before, during and after games.

  • Managing the Salary Cap – Negotiating player contracts and managing the nuances of the NHL’s salary cap have profound impacts on every team. Get a look into how assistant general manager Don Fishman deals with these issues.

  • Caps on the Rise – The Washington Capitals swiftly have ascended to one of the elite teams in the NHL and the architect is general manager George McPhee. Hear the firsthand account from the GM on how the plan came together and what is on the horizon.

  • Kids-Only Press Conference – Players have to deal with media every day during the season, but this time the Caps are shaking things up and turning the mics over to the kids. In this press-conference atmosphere, kids have free reign to ask Caps players today’s burning questions.

  • Work in Sports – Panelists from the area’s sports teams will discuss their career paths and advice for those looking to break into the sports business.

  • The day will include player autographs and photos with fans. Breakout sessions will be conducted throughout the day and will demonstrate a variety of hockey skills. The site will feature four interactive rinks, an interactive shooting game, two junior interactive rinks, a convention photo booth where fans can take pictures in a Caps-specific cutout and a penalty box game zone where fans can enjoy bubble hockey, air hockey and hockey video games. Highlights and feature videos will be shown on screens throughout the convention. A silent auction featuring jerseys, pucks and sticks also will be conducted. This will be fans’ first opportunity to purchase 2009-10 merchandise and special Capitals Convention merchandise. Comcast SportsNet is an official media partner of the Capitals Convention.

    The convention will also include five hockey-related displays for fans to enjoy: a history of the Capitals timeline, a salute to the Original Six clubs, an NHL dressing room, prominent NHL trophies and a timeline of the evolution of hockey equipment.

    The Chicago Cubs and later the Blackhawks introduced the convention concept to professional sports and they were met with overwhelming success as fans enjoyed a new and exciting way to interact with the players and organizations. Now the Capitals will provide their unique twist and give fans a full day to immerse themselves in a variety of topics and interactive exhibits.

    Monday, July 6, 2009

    Ovie Welcomes You to Russia for 2014 Games

    The Capitals own Alexander Ovechkin will be rolling out the welcome mat as an official ambassador for the 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi (in Ovie's home country of Russia, of course). "As an ice hockey player, it is truly an honor to become an Ambassador of the Winter Games being held in my home country," Ovechkin said in a news release. "As an athlete, I'll try to do everything possible for bring the Olympic gold for the Russian team. And as a Sochi 2014 Ambassador, to help ensure that the Winter Games will be held at the highest level possible."

    In the meantime, HM has returned from Chicago, a fabulous city where I saw Marian Hossa's mug all over the local media. I paid a local visit the the Blackhawk's store in search of Original Six t-shirts for the boys, but to no avail. A good time was had by all, none the less and I can attest that I probably put on five lbs. courtesy of all that deep-dish pizza and Chi-towns' heavenly cupcakes.

    Meanwhile the Capitals are getting ready for Development Camp
    featuring recent Capitals draft picks, select rookie players and other prospects who will be put through the paces by Coach Boudreau and staff.

    Wednesday, July 1, 2009

    Can We Love A Former Flyer? Yes, We Can!

    Can Caps fans love a former Flyer? HM says "yes we can" - especially one who'll park his tush in front of the crease for a 47 point season. TSN is reporting that the organization has signed right winger Mike Knuble from Philly for a 2-year contract at $2.8 million per season! Nice move GMGM - just what the doctor ordered. Now, on to that Michael Nylander issue...

    On a sad note, we officially say good-bye to one of the nicest players I've had the chance to interview, Donald Brashear. Brash is headed to NYC to replace Rangers enforcer Colton Orr (who was traded to Toronto Maple Leafs). Now that'll be weird seeing big Donald in a Rangers sweater dropping the gloves with say, John Erskine?

    If you haven't already heard, the blockbuster deal of the day has Marian Hossa (on his third team in as many seasons) headed to the Chicago Blackhawks with a 12-year, $62.8 million contract...

    Wonder Twins Stay with Canucks

    The tremendously talented dancing Swedish twins, known as Henrik and Daniel Sedin, just got a whole lot richer. Vancouver fans are probably cheering to find out that the dynamic duo just signed a 5-year deal worth about $6.1 million a season - nice!

    Now, Hockey Mom's own twins won't have to toss their Henrik and Daniel Sedin Canucks jerseys (trust me, those are the only other jerseys other than Capitals red they are allowed to wear around Mom, despite the frequent gifts from the Penguins-loving side of the family)!

    BTW, HM is going on a brief but much deserved vacation this weekend so please check out all the fabulous writers in my blogroll for the latest in any Capitals the meantime, will keep you posted on any action that takes place through today!

    Men on the Move

    So today marks Christmas in July for some NHL teams as it is the official start of the free agency period. The Montreal Canadiens have already made a significant move, signing Scott Gomez from the New York Rangers (where in the eyes of many, he was overpaid and underproducing) in a package exchange that includes former Hab Christopher Higgins heading for the Big Apple.

    Hockey Mom will be paying special attention to the movement (or non-movement) of her favorite Sedin twins, who are asking for some big coin (and a non-separation deal, too cute) from the Vancouver Canucks. Another interesting rumor is that the Chicago Blackhawks are trying to lose goalie Christobal Huet, which should bring a chuckle to the Caps' faithful.

    As for the Capitals, General Manager George McPhee is holding his cards close to his chest when it comes to whether or not the team will make a big move. OFB has a beautiful breakdown of what might be going on inside GMGM's head today amidst the speculation frenzy. Hey, money's tight for everyone these days and due to the young talent that currently makes up the Capital's roster, the team isn't going on a Neiman Marcus player shopping spree anytime soon. But wouldn't it be nice to see Mike Komisarek's lovely smile (and bone-crushing hits) on the bench next season?

    Stay never know what the master of secrecy, GMGM, has up his sleeve!