Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Post-Season Musings Part 2

So I've been so caught up in the playoffs that haven't had time to post. Of course since my last post, AO has been nominated for the Hart Trophy which is a no-brainer. Kudos to the other nominees as well. Iginla is phenomenal and Malkin continues to shine in the Pen's run for the Cup. I can't wait til June 12th to see Ovie accept that trophy! I really think it would be a travesty if Boudreau doesn't get a nod for Coach of the Year - what he's done for the team this year has been nothing short of phenomenal and can't think of anyone who is more deserving!

Back to the playoffs. I am really hoping that the Sharks can come back tonight. After the Caps/Flyers series it IS possible to rebound from 3-1. Not that I have anything against Dallas, but would have really loved to see Roenick and Thornton in the finals. What happened to Evgeni Nabakov? Maybe they played him too much during the season but whatever the case, they need to get the mojo back tonight.

The Pens/Rangers series has been quite a sight to see. Okay, I have to digress here. Does Jaromir Jagr not have a wife or girlfriend? Because anyone who really loved the man would NOT let him out in public with that perversion of a soul patch on his face! Believe me, I just did a poll of the women in my office and they all said the same thing. Jagr, grow a real playoff beard or go beard-free, but that thing you are currently sporting reminds us of Pepe LePew from Bugs Bunny. Back to Game 3, the Rangers have got to watch the penalties going forward. From my vantage point, that Jagr goal was questionable...looked like the net dislodged well before the puck crossed the red line. But there were lots of fireworks so should make Friday night's game another must-see t.v. event! And how about Laraque's goal? I still love to see the big enforcers score!

Flyers/Canadiens Game 4 tonight. It will be interesting to see if Carbonneau goes with Carey Price. I wonder if there's any seller's remorse right about now about dealing Huet? Hopefully he'll be sporting the Caps' red, white and blue permanently VERY soon! Price is a great goalie but that's a hell of a lot of pressure to put on a 20-year old. Flyers get Mike Knuble back tonight. Lots of hitting going on in that series too...although it's the Flyers, whadya expect? Honestly, I was surprised to see Downie in that last game if they're worried about the number of penalties. Maybe, they're not as their PK unit has been great...

Haven't really had a chance to catch Detroit/Colorado. Last game I saw (Saturday), Colorado had one of their rookies that was using the penalty box as a revolving door. Can't do that against a team that good! Franzen was on fire in that game.
I just want to one day throw a big fat octopus on the ice. Will need to purchase a new purse as I would have to imagine the one I sneak the octopi into the arena with would be rendered useless after that! How DO they get those things in and where do you purchase such a thing? Do they come in different sizes? How much does one of those bad boys cost? Has the NHL ever been contacted by PETA? Seriously, I think about this all season long!

So that's it for now. The life of a hockey mom is a busy one with work, driving to and from rink, washing out rank jerseys and jocks, grocery shopping, yada yada yada.
All you hockey guys be sure to go buy your moms something nice for Mothers Day.
P.S. It's next Sunday, May 11! Let me know if you need gift ideas....


sarah said...

leslie - blog rocks but i want to see more personal interest pieces. can you arrange a sit down with AO and ask him about his favorite romantic movie and his special childhood memories? Also, how do you feel back some of the facial hair that current hockey players are sporting? i think it's really fugly but since you are the hockey mom, i wanted your opinion. one more thing...when are going to start coaching your son's hockey team? enough talk missy...time for action!!!!

opuleez said...

So... now not only do I get to hear the dirt at work, I get to read it here? ROCK ON!!! I wonder if Ted will catch wind of your little endeavour and have you become the official blogger! :) It is, after all, all your fault that I now love this game!!!