Sunday, April 27, 2008

Post-Season Musings

So I've decided to get with the program and join the blogosphere. What I've really wanted to do forever is be a sportswriter/sportscaster. But alas, after several life-changing detours and 2 kids later, that was not to be. So at the age of 43, I'm joining the revolution to dish about one of my most revered passions in this life: hockey. I grew up in Northern Florida where all life revolves around football and went to a major university where all life again revolves around - football. Needless to say, I never even saw an ice rink growing up. My first memory of the cold was of my mom putting sandwich bags over my shoes when it "snowed" a half an inch - don't worry the baggies were secured around the ankles with rubber bands. Talk about resourceful! But several years ago, I attended a Washington Capitals training camp session at my kids' ice rink and from then on, I was a complete and utter goner! I love the speed, the skill, the personalities, the grit - everything about this game. And the addiction just grows stronger with each season. So I will be the first to admit, though I watch a LOT of hockey, I am still learning...

Which brings me to my post-season musings. Of course my favorite team is the Caps. They had a kick-ass year and I can't wait to see what next season brings. I was in attendance the night they won the Southeast Division title and for the next 3 home playoff games. It was quite remarkable the way the came back and never gave up. I use the Caps as a learning example weekly when my kids are whining that they are not "good enough" or the other team has better players. No excuses! The Caps are a force to be reckoned with next year and I can't wait til October~!

Til then, I'll be watching the playoffs and referring to my Hockey News. I do have a few favorites in the dance right now: am pulling for the Sharks (JR rocks) and the Red Wings. Eastern conference, hmmm. Obviously, Philly... not so much. I know it's politically incorrect as a Caps fan to root for Pittsburgh, but I dislike Jagr and Avery more. The Ranger's #16 is an absolute clown - but very interesting to watch the garbage he tries to get away with. The inconsistencies in officiating boggle my mind though. The NHL creates a "Sean Avery" rule but I have seen so many incorrect calls or should I say non-calls on goalie interference in almost all of the post-season games I've seen. Back to Avery for a minute - would like to see him throw down with Jarko Ruutu. That would be a fun dance!

In all seriousness, hockey is a FUN game. Right? RIGHT? So my blog is not going to be dedicated to stats or bashing the other teams. Not bashing the other teams in a mean-spirited way that is - not to say we won't zing a sarcastic comment in here and there!

There are so many new fans to the game, myself included, who want to talk about the unique aspects of this awesome game and its players (who BTW are some of the nicest and most accessible players in pro sports) and maybe we'll all learn something new. Like how to play nice for example - but then again we ARE talking about hockey!

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