Sunday, February 22, 2009

Cindy Who? Caps Crush Penguins 5 - 2 on NBC

Photo courtesy of Washington Capitals/Getty Images

The recent peace accord between Evgeni Malkin and Alex Ovechkin that was "brokered" at the All-Star game may still have wet ink, but it was obvious by today's heated rivalry game that there won't be a similar handshake between the Great 8 and Sidney Crosby anytime soon.

The Capitals more than made up for their mistakes at the hands of the Colorado Avalanche with a thrilling win over the hated Pens in front of a revelling red-rocking crowd. Besides being all over the birds with the fore-check, today's game saw goals by Ovie, Alex Semin, Brooks Laich, Shaone Morrison and Sergei Fedorov. Hockey Mom was unable to make today's game as the twins had a game as well - jeez, the things we do for our kids!

But I did watch the nationally-televised contest on NBC and got a huge kick out of listening to Mike Milbury finally jump on the Ovechkin bandwagon and wax poetic about how he's the greatest player in the league. Yes, this is the same clod who made an arse of himself during the SC Playoffs last year by telling Ovie he "played like a dog" during the Caps/Flyers series. And analyst Pierre McGuire has apparently been drinking the "Sidney Crosby is THE face of the NHL" juice by reporting that the Caps were slinging "harsher than normal" words towards the Pen's captain. Waa waa waaah! Wait a minute, HM thinks it was Crosby who tried to dump Ovie into his own bench ( after which Ovie blew him off after some choice words and a smart little wave of the hand).

As expected, this was a heated and physical match and thankfully the Capitals returned to the game we all know and love. Looks like the new bench boss the Penguins GM Ray Shero hired isn't going to give the team a quick fix as they have some serious personnel issues as well. Maybe he should have followed Cap's GM George McPhee's how-to-build-a-team program. Speaking of GMGM, check out this piece by the guys over at DC Pro Sports Report on how the Caps have built the team as we know it and the talent in store for the fans for years to for me!


Mark B aka: Usually Frustrated Caps Fan said...

I love..LOVE ...LOVE the "Crosby as the yippy, annoying dog image over at "The Peerless Prognosticator". It is dead nuts on target, Crosby was an annoying inconsequential little "B" today. The only way he could have been a more embarrassing jerk would have been to punch someone below the belt. Boy am I glad he's never done that else the NHL might need a new poster boy. Oh wait he did do that...and the hit from behind on Ovie today as he left the ice...of course Ovie's "talk to the hand" and "bye, bye, little boy wave" was perfect too. Best thing is the Pens will never win with him as their leader and "I'm down wit' dat" How about you?

citygirlcountryheart said...

Hey HM, I have a link I would like to share with you, can I email it to you? It is an article about a local kid from VA now playing division I hockey, that I think is a good read for your kiddos.


Hockey Mom said...

Hi citygirl -

Absolutely would love the link- thanks for sharing! Email it to: