Thursday, March 12, 2009

Call in the Hanson Bros: Caps Take on Flyers

So it's no secret that the Philadelphia Flyers are one of the most thugmongering teams in the league (and you thought Nashville was bad). They are also one of the scariest offensively as Jeff Carter boasts 38 goals on the season. Their offense may get a little stronger tonight as Daniel Briere may see a return to the action after suffering another groin injury.

Tonight's game at loud and rude Wachovia Center in Philly is bound to be a biggie with playoff energy and lots of leftover animocity from the previous meetings (think last season's Playoff Game 7) between these two teams. And as HM mentioned before, the Flyers have buffed up their thug factor even more with the addition of Daniel Carcillo from the Phoenix Coyotes. This young bad boy has even more penalty minutes than Scott Hartnell (of the Ronald McDonald mane - you can't miss him), Arron Asham, and Riley Cote with a total of 195 PIM so far!

Unfortunately, the Caps look like might be without the services of Riley Cote's favorite dance partner, Donald Brashear, who tweaked his knee during his bout with Wade Belak the other evening. And Matt Bradley has a pretty banged up face from taking a head butt from Jordin Tootoo. That Tootoo doesn't seem too bright anyhow - he was noted for dating brainiac Kellie Pickler of American Idol fame.

HM has a pal who she successfully converted to hockey fandom last season, who I'll call "Feds Fan." Now Feds Fan doesn't like violent movies, boxing or any of the craziness that takes place in cages on the Versus Network, but she loves a good hockey fight! She was so excited about all three bouts that took place in the Predators game - it was hilarious! With all the debate going on at the NHL's General Managers meeting regarding fighting, HM will be touching more on that subject very soon.

In the meantime, big game tonight as the Flyers are only one spot behind the Caps in the Eastern Conference standings and will be pumped playing in front of their raucous, orange-clad home fans.

HM won't be able to watch the whole game as the boys' have another sporting engagement (I know - hard to believe, huh) this evening but I'll be racing to catch as much as I can.

I was thinking - with Brash being a "maybe" for tonight, does anyone have the phone number for the Hanson Brothers? Anyone? Anyone?

If you get in touch with them, tell them Hockey Mom will bring the matchbox cars. Let's Go CAPS!

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LuAnn said...

Dave Hanson is probably in South Bend, IN. His son, Christian, plays for Notre Dame. The Irish play Nebraska-Omaha in the second round of the CCHA playoffs.