Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ovie Still Heads the Pack in MVP Race

Alex Ovechkin still holds the lead for his second consecutive NHL MVP Award (edging out fellow Russian Evgeni Malkin) according to USA Today's Power Rankings. Let's hope the Great Eight keeps those goals coming as we head down the playoff stretch!

The Caps will definitely need his "hot stick" tonight against the Leafs as Alex Semin, Matt Bradley and possibly others are suffering from the flu bug (that seems to be ever present this season in that locker room)! As a single hockey mom, I can't afford to get sick (and rarely do) - guys, Purell works wonders. Put a gallon or two in those hockey bags. It kills germs and might do something about the smell too if you're lucky. No seriously, we all hope the guys get better soon - you'll be missed tonight for sure.

The last time the Caps faced Ron Wilson's team (minus AO) - it wasn't pretty. We need an all-out effort from everyone on the ice tonight in Leaf Nation...

And for all you new fans, if you wanted to see what playoff hockey is like, last night's game between the rapscallion Flyers and the New Jersey Devils was a good one! Plenty of scrapping, lots of hard hitting and of course, brilliant goaltending with Brodeur in the crease. The Devils played a good game but were without Patrick Elias and alas, those dratted Flyers took the win.

Hopefully HM will be back later discussing a win for the men in red. Til then...

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