Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Rock it Loud Caps Fans!

The fever is rising and the moment we've ALL been waiting for is almost here: Game One against the New York Rangers. Unfortunately, Hockey Mom won't be in attendance tonight as (shocker!), one of the boys has lacrosse practice and it's my turn to carpool. Amen for XM Radio to keep me up on the precious minutes (I drive fast) I'll miss picking up the crew...

Surprisingly enough, God's gift to fashion and hockey (at least in his own world), Sean Avery, isn't doing a whole lot of pre-game trash-talking - yet. According to Larry Brooks of the NY Post, all Sean had to say today was "All I've got are clichés, man." Let's hope that the boys and the red-roaring crowd make Avery and his blueshirt pals a cliché in four!

And not that it needs reiterating but HM is making a personal plea to all the fabulous Caps fans out there to be exceptionally loud as my big mouth will be missing from the thousands of screaming Caps' faithful. Not that this is new news or anything but you all are giving the Phone Booth quite a reputation! Check out this little snippet from Adam Muir of Sports Illustrated:

Another key factor is home ice. The Rangers couldn't buy a road win down the stretch and have won just once at the Verizon Center since 2004. The boisterous crowds have turned the Phone Booth into one of the league's toughest rinks to visit. Look for that support to help the Caps to their first series win since 1998.

So unleash that fury people and let the flipping puck drop already!

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Karen said...

So, I'm not the only one being deprived of the game tonight. I have to work tonight (teaching at Howard CC)... which means I can't even listen to it until later. :( I'm still rocking the red, though! :)