Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sour Grapes Gets it Right...

For all the ridiculous blather from Don Cherry regarding Alex Ovechkin and his unconventional celebrations the past month or two, Hockey Mom is proud to report that I am finally on the same page as the old guy when it comes to Sean Avery. Plus I wonder if I can get slipcovers for my sofa made from his jacket material - groovy Grapes!

Here's Sir Cherry after last night's Boston Bruins' sweep of the Canadiens:

HM must have been busy banging my Pepperidge Farm bread thunderstix together as I totally missed that imbecile putting his stick in Ovie's throat - are you kidding me? The thing about Avery is that even the Caps sic Brash or someone else on him tomorrow night, he will cave and refuse to fight. That's part of his schtick. I'm thinking Torts should bench him but then we wouldn't have anyone to take idiotic penalties and give the Caps more scoring opportunities so hope to see him at the end of the bench tomorrow!

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