Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Caps' Quintin Laing Has H1N1 Flu

Capitals' media is confirming that Quintin Laing (man that poor kid can't catch a break with the health issues) does indeed have H1N1 and is being kept away from the team. From their Twitter post this morning:

@capsmedia To clarify, Quintin Laing has been diagnosed with H1N1 virus and is being kept away from the team and treated.

Get well soon Quintin and let's keep our collective fingers crossed that this is an isolated case in the Caps' room. HM knows that the virus is spreading like wildfire through the youth hockey community and Laing is the third NHLer to be diagnosed. Coaches and parents, check out USA Hockey's guidelines for combatting H1N1. I know several kids who've come down with this nasty bug and it is nothing to fool around with. Until we get vaccinated, I will continue to douse my two in Lysol and antibac hand gel every time they come into the house (especially after leaving a germ-infested rink)....

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Nadia said...

Poor guy. This site might be helpful if you're trying to find out where to get vaccinated in your neighborhood,

Good luck with the hand sanitizer! :P