Thursday, October 22, 2009

Freight Train Willie Mitchell Levels Hawks Star Toews

Now if you've been following Hockey Mom for awhile (and bless you for it!) -you know that my second favorite team is the Vancouver Canucks (on account of those stealthy Sedin twins).

Last night saw a rematch of Western Conference playoff rivals the Canucks versus the young and offensively gifted Chicago Blackhawks. HM was watching this game for a piece but have to admit I was a lame fan last night and turned it off early. The boys over on XM Home Ice were discussing this monster hit from Vancouver's Willie Mitchell on Hawks captain Jonathan Toews. As brutal as this is, this folks is an example of a legal hit. Off Wing Opinion has more on this discussion, that's heating up the hockey airwaves this morning.

Man, you really feel for Toews as you watch him struggle to get off the ice. But apparently he made it to the bench, dropped a word that can't be repeated on this family-friendly blog and said "I had my head down."

Yep, that's a mantra in HM's household, especially now that the boys are playing a full-checking game against some kids who are about 6-feet tall at age 13. If you get the puck, KEEP YOUR HEAD UP. And here's hoping that Jonathan Toews doesn't have any lingering repercussions from last night's steamrolling.

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