Sunday, December 13, 2009

Weekend Wrap Up

Well it's certainly been an up and down weekend for the Capitals, after a thrilling OT win against the Canes on Friday (thanks to the game-winning goal by "Game Over" Mike Green) and an absolute stinker of a loss to the Toronto Maple Leafs in a 6-3 defeat (after earning the 2-0 lead early on). Maybe the Caps' troubles last night could be blamed on the travel issues they faced getting to Toronto, which threw their routines out of whack. Hockey players are creatures of habit for sure, I just look at how precisely one of my twins has to tape his stick before he plays each time. But travel woes aside, last night's effort (or lack of) can be described in one word "blech." Michal Neuvirth let in more than his share of softies and unfortunately looked every bit the rookie in last night's appearance. And an uncharacteristic turnover from Nick Backstrom led to a rare short-handed goal from the Leafs. The Caps' defense also struggled and as a result the guy who was billed as one of the Leaf's saviors in the pre-season, Phil Kessel, showed the visitors just how dangerous he can be.

So we can just hope the boys are able to regroup and have safe and smooth travels this week as they begin their journey out west. They'll face one of the hottest goaltenders in the league in Craig Anderson when they meet the Colorado Avalanche, who've made an amazing resurgence this season to claim the second spot in a competitive Northwest Division. And of course my heart bleeds Capitals red, but you all know how I adore the amazing twin wonder powers of Daniel and Henrik Sedin, whose Vancouver Canucks face our boys in a late night contest this Friday. Hockey Mom's Christmas tree is adorned with lots of bright Capitals candy cane ornaments and other Capitals decor, but I have to admit that it also features an adorable Canucks snowman.

Indeed the Caps have their work cut out for them on this long road trip. Here's to showing our pals out west why this team is one of the highest scoring clubs in the league - unleash the fury, boys!

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