Thursday, September 4, 2008

Caps Fans Want Ovie Clothes!

So a fellow hockey mom wanted to order an Ovechkin Streetwear shirt for her 17-year old son (who by the way NHL scouts, is a strapping defenseman (6'5 and 225 lbs!). So we find out that Ovechkin Streetwear is only available from certain hockey stores in Canada and it would cost $22 USD to ship a $30 shirt.

Now we hockey moms have no problem spending our hard-earned money on hockey apparel, but I have to draw the line on a t-shirt that ends up costing $50, even if it was created by AO himself! So Ovie, what up? I think the Ovechkin Streetwear line would sell like homemade hockey mom cupcakes at a bake sale if Capitals fans (make that NHL fans in general) could buy the line in U.S. stores. Just a thought - we need to make that happen in time for the Christmas buying season; HM will be first in line!

And speaking of Ovie and the boys, the Caps have released their training camp schedule, meaning that our summer hockey drought will soon be over. Yippeeee! I can't wait to see them hit the ice and am especially excited to see the rookies like d-man Karl Alzner. Even though this time of year is exceptionally crazy for me, it's my favorite time of year with my boys starting their new season and another exciting season (and hopefully, a quest for the Cup) for our beloved Caps!

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You can get "My hockey mom can beat up your community organizer" shirts here: