Monday, September 22, 2008

Just in Time for the Season - Sports Bling for the Ladies!

As all my readers know, Hockey Mom has been kvetching about the lack of stylish apparel and jewelry options for the female hockey fan. So being the resourceful gal that we hockey moms are known to be, I decided to reach out to a very successful jewelry-designing friend and do something about it! So after many nights of brainstorming over many glasses of wine - FanBangles came into being.

Now all the lady fans can show their team allegiance with a fun and flirty sterling silver FanBangle sporting the offically licensed logo of your team of choice. Of course the bracelet also spotlights your team's colors with brilliant Swarovski crystals in your team's color scheme. Of course I have to feature the Cap's version first, as they are the nearest to my heart - but ladies, all the NHL teams are available!

With opening games just around the corner, be sure to order your FanBangle soon - just in time for the puck to drop! I'll be wearing my Caps version in rockin' red for opening night against the Chicago Blackhawks!

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Ranting Parent said...

Wow, I'm impressed with your blog. When I saw it on the google listing I assumed that every entry would read: "up at 5:30 am. Drove to the rink." etc.