Saturday, September 13, 2008

Training Camp Rosters are Out - Hockey Season is Upon Us!

In between driving back and forth from the rink today (two practices - one in the morning and one in the afternoon, sort of like training camp), I recieved a press release in my inbox announcing the Washington Capital's training camp roster. Rookie camp starts next week and the highlight of the week will be the rookie game between the Caps and Flyers on Thursday afternoon. Then on Saturday, the big boys hit the ice and we'll get to check out new goalie Jose Theodore up close! Hockey Mom hopes Nick Backstrom is icing that sprained ankle...wish I knew some magic hockey mom remedy to get that fixed right up....

HM plans to be in the house - the house of Kettler Ice Complex, that is - on Saturday to see the guys for the first time since the last playoff game I attended last season. It's been a long, hockey-less summer and I know my fellow puckheads are marking the days off the calendar as well!

As for me, our season kicks off tomorrow. My guys got their new jerseys today and since they are twins, it's a darn good thing one wears a single digit number and the other is a double digit. Two different game jerseys and sets of socks for each kid means more "schtuff" I get to try and keep straight. They are expected to come to games with the correct color jersey on a hanger. Funny, can't get them to put their clothes at home on a hanger! Many of the northern travel team players come to games in a collared shirt, tie, nice pants and dress shoes (which I understand is also done in Canadian junior hockey). I'm all over that - shows respect for the game (and also makes them look oh-so-handsome!)

So here's to Game One of HM's season and counting down to NHL season kickoff!

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