Thursday, September 4, 2008

How About a Hockey Equipment Tax Credit for Single Hockey Moms? (Make that for all sports....)

"Hockey Mom Comes out Fighting" - that was the headline of today's Washington Post. Now before any of you out there jump all over this hockey mom, let me just state once again, that I am not endorsing a particular candidate - merely giving my opinions on this newest nominee, along with how she's brought hockey moms and the great sport of hockey into the limelight. Um, her daughter's baby daddy is a high school hockey player and quite a talented one I hear.

Just kidding, Sarah, about the sports equipment tax credit for single moms or lower income families. Just a hockey mom appealing to another hockey mom! But hey, if we had more affordable sports equipment available to all kids, maybe we could drag them away from the Playstations and cut down on childhood obesity...just a thought.

Hockey Mom thought Governor Palin did a great job considering the firestorm she's been under this past week. She certainly possesses the feisty spirit of a true hockey mom - every hockey mom in North America got a laugh when she said "The difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull is lipstick!" She was poised, quick-witted and calm under pressure. Does that mean she can lead the country? Not necessarily. But those are qualities that a real hockey mom must have and they've helped me overcome adversity during some trying times.

Plus, she had to get ready for her speech in the Minnesota Wild locker room at the Xcel Energy Center and being a hockey mom, she probably wasn't bothered in the least by the funky remnant odor of BO lingering in the staging area.

So, Sarah Palin earned some points with me last night. I am still undecided in what is going to be long race - what I'd really like to see is her throw down the gloves with the Cap's Donald Brashear. She'd really earn my vote then, fer sure!


jb said...

hockey mom needs other hockey moms to stop buying US magazine. see link

as a fellow hockey mom - we need 2 stand together BOYCOTT US Magazine!
JB IN Nashville

Hockey Mom said...
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Hockey Mom said...

This hockey mom doesn't buy US or PEOPLE. I refuse to read any mag that makes LiLo, Britney Spears or Paris Hilton out to be worthy of our attention when there are real celebrities, everyday people and even politicians actually making a difference in this country!

HockeyMom58 said...

I think Palin is a breath of fresh air in today's politics! She'll make all us hockey moms proud. By the way, I saw the cutest thing for hockey moms. It's Hockey Mom Lipstick at