Thursday, October 16, 2008

Capitals Come Back Over the Pens 4 - 3

With only 7:22 left in the third period, the Caps cut a 3-0 lead by the Penguins to a 3-3 tie. The tempo definitely picked up in an action-packed third period. The Caps again played the role of "comeback kid" with some nice goals by Tomas Fleischmann (you go Flash!), Alex Semin (who is on a major roll) and Michael Nylander (glad to have ya back)!

Boyd Gordon also earned a goal in the third period that went to review to put the Caps up 4-3. In Donald Brashear's absence, Matt Bradley suffered a split lip or busted nose (there was a lot of blood - couldn't tell which facial feature was damaged) in a second period scrum but got all stitched up and came back to make some great defensive plays in the third. Hockey Mom is always amazed at the grit and pain tolerance of hockey players.

Ovechkin laid a few sick hits on his not-so-favorite player and fellow countryman Evgeni Malkin. Penguins poster boy Sidney Crosby was pretty much held under wraps this go-round.

HM hopes to hear more about the status of Tom Poti, who missed a large portion of the game for "undisclosed" reasons. Meaning in layman's terms, he suffered an injury which no one will get full details on so that the next time that player hits the ice, the opposing players don't put a "bulls-eye" on that player's recovering injury.

So in addition to witnessing a fabulous comeback and a hard-fought win by the Capitals, Hockey Mom gets to call the Pittsburgh relatives and gloat for a change! Life is good....

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