Saturday, October 18, 2008

NJ Devils Visit the Phone Booth

It's October and that means Halloween and all the spooky, scary creatures that come out at night. So tonight, be on the lookout for those pesky devils - the ones that come from New Jersey. Of course the Capitals at 3 - 1, won't be a-scared of these Devils, despite the fact that they have one of the best goalies in the league, Martin Brodeur. But hey, look what the men in red did to Vancouver's Roberto Luongo on Monday - ran the poor guy out of the net.

Hershey Bear's Chris Bourque will be filling in tonight for Donald Brashear, who still has an injured hand. Tom Poti is still out along with the Cap with the best dimples, Viktor Kozlov. The team will start Brent Johnson as goalie as Jose Theodore watches the action from the bench. It's no secret that Theodore has gotten off to a shaky start with the Capitals. Hockey Mom was discussing this topic at the rink this morning with a fellow hockey family, who are also Caps season ticket holders. We decided that maybe his problem is a simple case of the nerves and my fellow hockey mom thinks that he might benefit from a dose of Ritalin before taking the ice. In all seriousness, time will tell how things work out in goal for the team - but it is definitely the biggest area of concern at the moment.

So we'll keep you posted on the action later tonight. I'm writing this from the rink (where else?) so looking forward to getting out of here and watching tonight's game.

Programming Note:

As much as I love hockey, it doesn't pay the bills, so Hockey Mom has to pause for station identification and head out to Las Vegas for a work event (yes, work event) tomorrow. And you know "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas", so I will be unable to fill you in on anything that occurs in my absence :P
Please stop by the fabulous blogs on my blog roll and I'll be back in action next weekend!

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