Friday, October 17, 2008

Caps Recap

This is a nice recap on of last night's comeback victory by the Caps over the Penguins. Yes, Hockey Mom is still beaming over the win and trying to think of some really snazzy yet obnoxious comebacks for my relatives in Pittsburgh. Yep, it's payback time for when you called me and screamed in my ear after poor Nick Backstrom scored one for the Pens last year!

Penguin's Geno Malkin posed this question of Alex Ovechkin's uber-physical play against him last night: "Ovechkin is a great player, but every time he hits me — I don't know why." Hockey Mom has a few theories to answer your question Geno:

  • Duh, maybe because you had the puck?

  • Maybe you remind him too much of Frankenstein and he had bad childhood dreams involving Frankenstein (anyone see the resemblance here? Malkin is a phenomenal player but you have to admit there's a resemblance!)

  • And finally, maybe he just doesn't like you.

The great thing about hockey is that you don't have to play nice with everybody. You have to play within the rulebook, but nobody said you have to play nice!

Ovechkin's response to Malkin's question: "It's just a hockey game. I hit hard with everybody." Classic...that's why hockey fans world-wide are so enamored with Alex the Great, he just plays with all out abandon every game, every shift.

So another Hockey Mom fist bump to the entire team for such an exciting win. I hope to see Tom Poti, Viktor Kozlov and of course The Donald back on the ice soon! Next up, one of the hottest goalies in the NHL, Martin Brodeur and his New Jersey Devils take on the Caps at Verizon Center tomorrow night. Stay tuned!

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Lauri Amy said...

Travelled to Pittsburgh for the game last night. There were few visible Caps fans.... We cheered nonetheless. After the 2nd period, our guys looked so dejected leaving the ice. I honestly thought there was no way. I still yelled encouragements.

Let's have a little more class than the Pens fans and NOT boo Crosby. These men are talented. Have some respect.

What a game! I should always believe in the comeback ability of these guys. Go caps!