Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Halloween Hockey Fans!

Hard to believe but Halloween is upon us already. So Hockey Mom wanted to wish all of you fabulous hockey fans out there a happy and safe halloween! Some of the Capitals players were asked what professional athlete they would be in a Halloween-themed video and there were some pretty funny answers. Two of the guys wanted to be Alex Ovechkin and poor Matt Bradley was not getting any love from his team mates! Hey Matt, HM thinks you look quite dapper in your suits - don't listen to those guys. Check out the fun here:

Looking forward to Saturday's game against the Buffalo Sabres. We'll have to order some chicken wings in honor of the occasion, though they'll never stand up to their Buffalo counterparts!

There's been some off-ice drama within the Sabres team this week. Adam Mair of the Sabres took offense with an on-ice play by Ottawa Senator's winger Chris Neil (who by the way, does have a lot of thugnasty tendencies). After the game, Mair wanted to say his piece so he stormed down to the Ottawa dressing room to have some words, still in skates and helmet. He was stopped by Senators players Luke Richardson and Jarko Ruutu (Jarko Ruutu also has a bit of a nasty temper - don't want to mess with him unless you're the "Donald". In the end, Mair was fined $2,500 for this act in the heat of the moment. When asked what he intended to say if he got to Chris Neil, Mair said "We don't play those guys until January, so I wanted to wish them a Happy Halloween." When asked the Senator's response, he quipped, "I think they said Merry Christmas." The Buffalo News' John Vogl asked if Mair was trying to talk to Chris Neil or Jaarko Ruutu? "It's Halloween for everybody, John."

So see, everyone is in the Halloween spirit and I hope that Saturday's contest with Buffalo brings the Caps treats and not tricks. Stay tuned for game preview to come....and don't forget your flashlights tomorrow night!

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