Friday, March 19, 2010

Caps Fall to Canes in OT; Cooke Gets Clocked

Despite a phenomenal last second goal from Eric Fehr to force the Caps/Canes into overtime last night, it was not enough to stop the hard-working Hurricanes who got the OT tally from Ray Whitney. The Canes came back in  an OT nail biter to win the game with a final score of 4-3. Joe Corvo had quite the game in his return to his former home in Raleigh's RBC Center, as he netted the only two goals for the visitors through the first two periods until Fehr lit the lamp with mere seconds left in the final stanza. One of the Hurricanes' goals was a power play marker from Eric Staal, as the Caps were down two men for a too many men call and a high-stick on Shaone Morissonn. Prior to the whistle for too many men, Matt Bradley tipped a puck in the net of Justin Peters but his goal was waved off as the penalty was called.

As the Comcast SportsNet cameras panned to the bench for Gabby's reaction, HM's first thought was that it's a good thing they didn't have the usually jovial coach mic'd up as his litany of expletives towards the referees' call flowed freely. If' he'd have been wearing a microphone, the network would have had to run a parental advisory warning prior to the outburst. Because HM's twins have never heard such language in the confines of a hockey locker room. Or when riding in the car with their dutiful mom as some obnoxious Northern Virginia driver cuts her off in traffic. Nope. Never. Ever. But of course I kid (being the silly goose that I am), and hey that's why we love the Gabster because he is so passionate and full of spirit!

So Varlamov played one of the better games we've seen from him in awhile, especially when he was demonstrating the fine art of making snow angels and blocking shots when the boys were trying to kill the 5-on-3. Unfortunately, he fell victim to the game winning goal by the Canes' elder statesman Ray Whitney but in his defense, the Caps defense pretty much left him out to dry on that one. The Capitals get the day off then go to sunny Florida tomorrow to visit the Tampa Bay Lightning, who are coming off of a drubbing at the hands of the Buffalo Sabres. Hockey Mom will actually be in the land of ice fowl (Pittsburgh) for a bridal shower this weekend so I'll be missing that contest. Keep your fingers crossed that my tires don't get slashed as my car proudly displays several decals proclaiming my die-hard Caps allegiance.

Speaking of Pittsburgh, HM was channel-flipping like a pro so I could tune in to the rematch of the Penguins and Bruins, the first meeting of the two teams since Matt Cooke took out Boston's Marc Savard for pretty much the season. As the NHL took no disciplinary action towards Cooke, all the buzz this week was whether or not the Bruins would enact vigilante justice and take the matter into their own hands. It took less than two minutes into the game for the Bruins to exact their revenge. Boston's Sean Thornton took the matter into his own hands and pretty much pummeled the agitating Pittsburgh winger, in the presence of NHL VP Colin Campbell and a team of veteran NHL linesmen. Despite the hype, I am happy to report that no one left this game on a stretcher, though am sure most Bruins fans would have liked to have seen Cooke pay a steeper price for his misdeeds. Check out the footage below:

While we're on the topic of misdeeds, the Anaheim Ducks' James Wisniewski recieved an eight-game suspension for his hit on Chicago's Brent Seabrook. There's been no word from the Blackhawks so far as to Seabrook's condition after being knocked silly on Wednesday night. HM hopes to see him back on the bench soon and that the league can come to some sort of consistent policy towards getting this nastiness out of the game without eliminating the exciting physical aspect.

That's it for now - hope all you sports fans out there have a happy hockey (or NCAA, whatever suits your fancy) weekend!

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