Wednesday, March 10, 2010

NHL GMs Propose Ban on Blindside Head Hits

Boston Bruins v Pittsburgh Penguins

Photo from PicApp

The NHL General Managers meetings in Florida concluded with unanimous agreement that blindside hits to the head will no longer be tolerated in the league and they intend to introduce a proposal to penalize such hits. The problem is that said proposal would not go into effect until next season so we'll have to all keep our fingers crossed that we don't see any more players being wheeled off the ice on a stretcher as a result of a head hit suffered during the remaining regular season games or through the playoffs.

Despite this move the right direction, the league's discipline czar sent the opposite message regarding blindside hits when he made the decision not to suspend repeat offender Matt Cooke for his hit on Boston's Marc Savard Sunday. Not only are Hockey Mom and hundreds of other fans flabbergasted by this latest inconsistent ruling, but fellow players are also weighing in. Lightning players Vincent Lecavalier and Marty St. Louis had plenty to say regarding the hit and the big argument I've been hearing from hockey greats who played in the earlier years is that there is not the same respect for fellow players in today's game.

Marc Savard is out for the rest of the season most likely and Matt Cooke gets a free pass. I think the guys over at From the Rink pretty much nailed it when discussing this particular situation. HM has an inkling that when Pittsburgh travels into Boston to take on the Bruins again next week, we're gonna witness some vigilante justice complete with all kinds of wild west brawls....

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