Tuesday, March 2, 2010

NHL Trade Deadline Draws Nigh

The freeze that restricted any wheeling and dealing in the NHL trade market was lifted late Sunday night after the Olympics and NHL GMs will have to make their moves by tomorrow afternoon's 3 p.m. deadline. The flurry of rumors (some too ridiculous to repeat) swirling around potential trades by teams (especially those charging towards a playoff run) has the internet abuzz. Of course Capitals General Manager George McPhee has kept characteristically mum about any movement or acquisitions by the club, but we all know the quiet mastermind can be quite the sneaky devil when it comes to the trade deadline. Call it womans' intuition but HM just has a gut feeling that something will go down tomorrow regarding the Cap's roster.

Our friends over at Japer's Rink did a fabulous job of breaking down some of the talent that may be up for sale (or rent) tomorrow and how those players might mesh on the Caps' red-hot bench. It's no secret that the boys could use a bit more help at the blueline and possibly even in net as we look forward to the playoffs and a legitimate run for the coveted Stanley Cup.

A phenomenal resource for keeping up with the fast and furious trade action tomorrow is Twitter. Here are a few of the "in-the-know" tweeps that Hockey Mom will be following on Twitter tomorrow:

General NHL:

@wyshynski (Puck Daddy blog)

And for the latest and greatest on any up-to-the-minute movement with the Capitals, check out any of the red-rocking tweeps in this list. We'll be keeping our ears to the ground for sure!

If your blood pressure has finally gone back down to levels of normalcy after the nail-biter USA/Canada game on Sunday, you may not want to read this "ode to Captain Crosby" from Mike Wilbon (not sure when Kornheiser's hoops-loving sidekick became such a student of hockey). HM will refrain from commenting on this rambling as this a G-rated blog but am thinking that maybe Wilbon should stick to what he knows from now on....just saying.

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