Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hockey Mom's "What Not to Wear" Edition

The fashion flunkees responsible for creating fan gear for all the fabulous hockey-adoring ladies out there have done it again. Here's the latest "female-friendly" team jersey that's a cross between something a 9-year old girl would wear and an Elvis-impersonation gone very wrong, complete with studs around the "feminine" collar. Is it that hard to design stylish merchandise that is complimentary to the female figure (but doesn't make us look like a bunch of harlots), yet spotlight's the team's colors/logo like the men's versions?  This abomination of a "jersey" is just one more hairbrained idea that will end up on the clearance table as clearly, the NHL is not listening (or are they even asking) to the opinions of the ever-growing population of female fans.

This issue was first brought to HM's attention by the wonderful Monica McAlister over at The Hockey Writers. Once more lady fans got wind of yet another NHL fashion disaster, Twitter almost self-imploded with the number of comments from irate female puckheads. Puck Daddy got a great sampling of the pulse of the female fan regarding the NHL's misaligned version of  "What Women Want." While the league has made great strides in the selection of fan gear for women as of late (case in point, Hockey Mom's most favorite Capitals zip-up hoodie - a wardrobe staple), somehow they still believe that if you put sparklies on it, women will kill each other to buy it. You almost expect to get a free team replica "My Little Pony" with each purchase of a sparkly (non-team colored) jersey. None of the female fans I know would dare step into Verizon Center donning such a wardrobe disaster. But be forewarned, those ladies who choose to may just find one Stacy London shaking her head furiously in fan fashion disapproval....


Angie said...

Ugly! I don't know what these people are thinking but seriously that thing is awful! I don't know anyone that would wear that eeww!

Dan, Jr. said...

Oh, it's not that bad. But, shouldn't the Weagle head be white? Why the coallar studs? Not crazy about the font used for the team's name. Okay, maybe they should start over.

NHL respnse to complaints: "How about we throw in some edible glitter? It will only come in pink, but we're thinking raw liver flavored. What do you say?"

Colleen ~~ Hockey Mom said...

I know what you mean. I NEVER buy any of that stuff. Why can't they just make tshirts and jerseys and the like that simply flatter a woman's figure?
I just wear my big ol' MEN'S Jeff Carter Philly! LoL!

Keep up the good work, Hockey Mom!

Hockey Mom said...

@Dan Jr. I needed a pink hankie (with sparkles of course) to wipe the tears away from laughing at your comment - I would not put edible glitter past them complete with free team-logo fairy wand!

@Colleen - Even though you know this gal is not a Flyers fan - you go girl! Thanks for reading as always :)