Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Belle of the Ball in the Breakaway Challenge

As he promised, Alexander Ovechkin had some special tricks up his sleeve that helped him win the NHL All-Star Game's Breakaway Challenge for the second year in a row. After making a few moves in the contest, Ovie thrilled the crowd and incited lots of laughs when he enlisted the help of his (friend/foe?) Evgeni Malkin with some unique props and a swig of Gatorade!

Check out the winning breakaway - how can anyone not love this guy? A huge Hockey Mom fist bump to Ovie for one of the most hilarious and innovative breakaway challenge wins the All-Star Super Skills competition has ever seen!

1 comment:

jenny said...

How can anyone NOT love him?

Oh, it's easy :)

I respect his skill and all but that's about it. Actually, and I'm not saying this to be unfriendly but I thought the fact that he actually WON that competition turned the whole thing into a farce. I mean, sure they're having fun but I don't know, it seemed lame to me.