Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Ruutu Needs to Go to Time-Out!

If you need more proof that Ottawa's Jarko Ruutu is one of the nastiest players in the NHL, one only needs to reference his bizarre actions in last night's game against the Buffalo Sabres. After getting his face splattened against the glass by the Sabres' Andrew Peters, Ruutu retaliated by biting Peter's hand. Yes - biting...looks like young Jarko never learned "no bite" in his formative pre-school years. That is just downright gross (besides being barbaric) to bite another player - check it out here:

That just gave new meaning to the term "animal" - hockey is a tough sport but that just crosses way over the line. Looks like someone else may have to join Sean Avery in anger management - HM can't wait to see if there's a suspension doled out on this one!

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