Thursday, January 8, 2009

Just Another Reason to Love Hockey!

First off, congrats to Alex Ovechkin (who should have been a starter) for making the reserve roster for the 2009 (cough cough) "All-Star" games. And a big Hockey Mom shaky fist to the League for allowing Nicklas Backstrom, Alex Semin and Mike Green to be left off through their joke of a voting system.

And a big happy birthday to Ted Leonsis and I hope you get a big ole Stanley Cup (albeit after your actual birthday) this year! Plus, a belated happy birthday to Donald Brashear who turned a youthful 37 this week!

If you don't already know what makes hockey players so different (and special) than other professional athletes, check out this piece written by Chicago Black Hawks' player Adam Burish.

I love this piece and it is so true - despite the fact that they might be missing a few teeth and throw a few punches here and there, pro hockey players are some of the most upstanding and nice guys you'll find in the entire sporting world. HM is proud of the manner with which the vast majority (minus a random Sean Avery or Jarko Ruutu) NHLers conduct themselves and they are phenomenal role models for young and old alike (especially HM's hockey boys).

h/t Kuklas Korner

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