Sunday, April 11, 2010

Capitales à Face Canadiens en première ronde

It's official - the Capitals will face the Montreal Canadiens in round one of the Stanley Cup playoffs. The schedule will be released later tonight. The Caps' first round opponent was determined by the outcome of the Flyers/Rangers bout, which was a nailbiter for their respective fans. HM was able to catch the latter part of this intense rival game, which was ultimately decided by a shootout. King Henrik Lundqvist was spectacular throughout three periods, but was unable to stop the crafty Daniel Briere and pals with their slick shooting skills. So looks like Round One pits the red-white-and-blue against the bleu-blanc-and-rouge. Stay tuned for details!

And as if anyone needs any more motivation towards getting excited for an epic Cup run, that Sidney guy just overtook the blasted lead for the Rocket Richard with 51 goals. The Penguins and Islanders are still only in the second period, but HM had to turn the game off. Suddenly I feel like I've had enough hockey for one day.

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