Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hockey Mom Style Alert: Facial Hair En Vogue for Men

Yes fellas, it's that time again. The best time of year to be a hockey fan and if you're of the male persuasion, a time for low-maintenance manscaping. One of the many great playoff traditions for the players involves not shaving their beards from the start of the playoffs until they are eliminated or hopefully, hoist that beautiful big Cup at journey's end. The New York Islanders started this tradition back in the 1980's and it has grown to include the ranks of minor hockey teams as well as college players. For a true female hockey fan, there's nothing sexier than a man celebrating his team's presence in the coveted post-season than by sporting the scruffy Grizzly Adams playoff beard. Even hotter when they look like the dudes from ZZ Top at the end, meaning they had a long and successful playoff run!

The Washington Capitals, along with media partners 106.7 The Fan and Comcast SportsNet, are encouraging their many fans to participate in one of hockey’s most visible traditions by growing their own playoff beards.

Fans may elect to grow a beard themselves or make a financial donation in support of a Capitals player or a fan who has elected to grow a playoff beard. HM is thinking that Nick Backstrom and Alex Semin may need some extra donations (or facial Rogaine) to boost their beards, while Alex Ovechkin will be quite fine, thank you! The Capitals’ Beard-a-thon is an opportunity for fans to grow their own beard and raise money for charity, as all proceeds will benefit Fort Dupont Ice Arena. Fort Dupont Ice Arena is the only full-size indoor ice arena in Washington, D.C.

Participants in the Capitals’ Beard-a-thon can invite family members, friends and business associates to pledge money for their playoff beard. Some of the participants in the Beard-a-thon are 106.7 The Fan’s John “Cakes” Auville from the Sports Junkies, Chad Dukes from the Lavar Arrington Show with Chad Dukes. Capitals’ arena announcer Wes Johnson will also participate in the Beard-a-thon. Money will be donated to Fort Dupont Ice Arena for every day that a fan maintains his beard. Fans who do not wish to or are unable to grow a playoff beard can participate by pledging a donation to your favorite Caps player or personality. For more information or to enroll in the Capitals’ Beard-a-thon, log onto http://beardathon.com/capitals.

The fan who raises the most money will win a Caps VIP Game Experience, which includes four tickets on the glass, a ride on the Olympia and a postgame meet and greet with the Capitals player of their choice next season. All donations for the Capitals’ Beard-a-thon are tax deductible.

“The Beard-a-thon is a fun and creative way for Caps fans to celebrate a great hockey tradition and to give back to the community at the same time,” said Capitals director of community relations Elizabeth Wodatch. Last season, nearly 800 Capitals fans participated in the Beard-a-thon and raised more than $43,000 for charity.

Hockey Mom can attest that Fort Dupont runs an outstanding program for local kids, who may never have the opportunity to experience the great game of hockey otherwise. So put down those razors boys and help the Capitals commemorate their playoff run while raising money for this new crop of young hockey fans and talented players! I personally can't wait to see all the players and fans alike sporting their beards with pride.

About Fort Dupont:

Washington Capitals Charities will be donating all proceeds from the 2010 Beard-A-Thon to Friends of Fort Dupont Ice Arena. Fort Dupont is the only public indoor ice arena located in Washington, D.C., and the only skating facility in the area that provides free or subsidized skating programs to children. Its Kids On Ice program provides free figure skating, hockey and speed skating lessons to economically disadvantaged children who might not otherwise have the opportunity to learn these sports. Friends of Fort Dupont Ice Arena partners with public and private schools, summer camps, churches and local community organizations to promote and deliver its programs to more than 10,000 children per year.

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