Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It All Comes Down to This: Game 7

All the puckhead pundits are slinging around all kinds of historical stats in anticipation of tonight's do or die Game 7 against the scrappy Montreal Canadiens. None of those statistics means squat at this point. As the legendary Phil Esposito said yesterday, "It all comes down to who shows up."

The Detroit Red Wings certainly showed up last night and put a whupping on the desert underdogs (sorry Coyotes, HM was cheering hard for you guys last night but you had a spectacular season and should be proud to have proved the naysayers wrong). As for the Red Wings, last night's performance is what winning teams do. They show up - every member, especially the stars. And the Capitals have more than enough talent to do the same thing.

Who is going to show up for the Capitals tonight? Hockey Mom's nerves are already getting the best of her, so I'll keep my pre-game musings brief:

60 minutes. Bang some bodies every chance you get. Crash the net. Garbage goals count. Screen Halak. Scott Walker. Go Caps!

That is all...

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