Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Game Day: Counting Down til Big Game 4

Just in case you needed a little boost to get you excited for tonight's big Game 4 against Montreal, the Capitals have launched a fun,  new, easy-to-use application called Slapstick (in partnership with Slapstick Sports LLC, a division of Virginia-based advertising agency Williams Whittle) which will help generate online excitement and enable fans to digitally express themselves.

Fans can upload a photo to Slapstick at and select from three scenarios, a ranting player, coaching the team and answering questions from the media. Users can personalize their photo by choosing from various facial hair options, hats and head gear as well as their choice of home or away jersey.

Once the video has been personalized, fans can email it to their friends or post it to their favorite social media platform, including Facebook and Twitter. Creation of the personalized videos is free using the application’s text to speech function. For only 99 cents Slapstick users have the unique option of adding their own voice to their creation via a toll free number.

Of course, Hockey Mom had to check out this new digital app, so I made my own photo which you can check out here. What's that under my eye you ask? Well Tomas Plekanec was mouthing off again so Jason Chimera gave me free reign to go open up a can on him. Don't worry, I'm fine and I did manage to knock that smirk off his face (if only temporarily).

As we count down the hours until puck drop at Bell Centre (7 p.m.), here are some other nuggets surrounding the NHL Stanley Cup playoffs:

  •  Word is that Carey Price is set to start in net against the Capitals. Me thinks that's a bit of a gamble for Habs coach Jacques Martin but am hoping the dice roll in favor of the D.C. darlings.
  • The infamous Puck Daddy has his own opinions on the goaltender controversy in Montreal.
  • Speaking of Martin, he was apparently trying his hand as a CIA agent, spying on the Capital's practice (which focused on the floundering power play) yesterday.
  • As much as I hate to say it, the Penguins (and that Sidney guy especially) are kicking some butt in their series and looking pretty scary. There I said it, now am off to wash my mouth out with soap.
  • I think Patrick Kane's playoff mullet may be weighing him down as his Chicago Blackhawks are now down 2-1 against the Nashville Predators.
  • And finally, if you've never read his blog, be sure to check out Jason Bourne over at Bourne's Blog for some unique insight into these playoffs. Bourne is a former player whose dad won four Stanley Cups with the New York Islanders and I really enjoy his  hilarious point of view (along with the random cat videos).

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