Sunday, June 29, 2008

Crazy Fortune Teller Makes No 2009 Stanley Cup Predictions...

So as you all know, not a whole lot going on in the hockey world right now. So not having hockey on t.v. or a beach in my backyard, a friend and I ventured out to Georgetown for a little shopping yesterday. I must warn you, this has absolutely nothing to do with hockey but was quite humorous so wanted to share. So I've never had my fortune told or palm read (actually think it's a bunch of malarkey but something everyone should do at least once). We walk by one of these fortune teller places and decide to go in just for giggles. This wacky lady buzzes us in upstairs and directs us to sit down. I plop down my money and wait for her to regale me with my fortune of great wealth, good health, a winning season for my twin boys' teams and last but certainly not least, the - 2009 Stanley Cup to my beloved Washington Capitals!

So this was like something out of a comedy - she sits down, lights a cigarette, grabs her scotch and water (or whatever alchoholic beverage she was imbibing in) and tells me my "fortune" while blowing smoke in my face the entire time - nice. Although I don't believe most of it... she did mention the good health and possible wealth (better start playing the lottery now) but didn't say word one about hockey! So proves my point that it's pretty bogus - but still makes for a fabulous story!

There is some other news floating around today in the NHL. One snippet is old news, but new to me (as my subscription to The Hockey News is normally about 2 weeks late - I think they deliver it via moose!). Uber angry-man Chris Simon is headed to Russia to play in the Russian league. For you new fans, Simon is a former New York Islander whose out-of-control retaliation on other players has earned him eight league suspensions throughout his volatile career. One of the most recent cheap Simon plays can be viewed below and earned him a record 25-game suspension. I'll be curious to see if he learned anything in his league-mandated anger management classes when he steps on the ice for his Russian squad.

Another noteworthy happening is the talk that the Tampa Bay Lightning is talking to Pittsburgh Penguins' forwards Ryan Malone and veteran Gary Roberts and their deals may be wrapped up by early next week. I am a big Ryan Malone fan, especially after the SFC final game in which he took a puck to face, plugged up his bloody already-broken shnozz and went back out on the ice to fight for the win. Of course, that still takes a backseat to our own OV's game against Montreal where he broke his nose, got stitches in his cheek and then went out to score 4 goals!

So stay tuned next week, with the deadline looming there should be lots of good hockey buzz to report...we'll just keep crazy fortune-teller lady out of it next time!

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