Thursday, June 19, 2008

Rumors and Hockey Gossip

This is the time of year (right before free agency deadline) that hockey gossip spreads as quickly among NHL devotees as it would on a Saturday afternoon at Betty's Beauty Shop! I've read and heard some crazy and juicy rumors these past few days regarding the movement of players from one team to another. Like Evgeni Malkin to L.A. - WHaat?! And even better, that the Caps have an interest in bad boy Ottawa goalie Ray Emery - WHHAAT?!! Hockey mom thinks big Ray needs to spend some more time in the time-out chair...
Just an example of the wacky rumors floating around while fans wait to see what next year's roster will look like.

Speaking of next year's roster, I just heard an interview with Washington Capitals GM George McPhee about where the Caps stand in resigning Christobal Huet, Mike Green, Matt Cooke and Sergei Fedorov. Honestly, if George wasn't such a successful General Manager, he could have probably had a nice run as a CIA agent. This guy gives up no secrets! Can't say I blame him when you're trying to wheel and deal and get the best guys for your team! Hockey mom personally knows several female fans who might need an extra box of tissues for the tears in the event that Feds doesn't resign as a Cap. GM did give some good news on the status of Michael Nylander (who missed the latter part of last season due to shoulder surgery); he's been cleared to play and we hope to see him back soon! A big hockey mom shout out to his wife, Camilla Nylander, who is the ultimate hockey mom of six beautiful kids!

One of the rumors I've heard which has the most credence is that Barry (the Mullet) Melrose will most likely become head coach of the Tampa Bay Lightning. I can totally see Barry down in sunny Florida, sporting his hair-product-enhanced mullet and a tacky Hawaiian shirt. Classic!

So I'll keep my ear to ground for any more juicy gossip - this is much more fun than Betty's Beauty Shop!

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Anonymous said...

I will catch a charge if the Caps sign Emery. Emery is the T.O. of the NHL, and we should leave that drama for [Jerry] Springer.

I'm indifferent about Feds. He's legendary and brings a lot to the locker room [especially his comment about the Backstrom gaffe] but I think he's becoming the Anna Kournikova of hockey – looks handsomely on the ice but has only one good season left.