Sunday, June 1, 2008

Wings Soar in Game 4

The quest for Lord Stanley's Cup could be decided tomorrow in Hockeytown as the Detroit Red Wings won against the Penguins 2-1 last night at the Igloo. It's the first time since February that the Pens have lost on their home ice but they put up a heck of a fight. Marian Hossa scored the Pen's first and only goal but the defensive efforts by Detroit proved too much for the Pens to handle. The Wings took a few bonehead penalties but even at 5 on 3 (for the newbies, that's 3 defensive players defending 5 skaters from the other team - not pretty), the Penguins were unable to score. Henrik Zetterberg made as Ovechkin would say: some "sick" blocks last night! By the way Hank Zetterberg, you may have some competition for your clothing line as the word on the street is that Alex Ovechkin is developing his own cool clothing line! Ovie, if those clothes can give a hockey mom superpowers like you (or at least a little more energy), make sure you design some pieces for the ladies!~

One thing I noticed about last night's game is the number of broken sticks all over the ice. It seemed like there were more twigs on the ice at points than in the players' hands. Thank goodness my two guys don't have the kind of wicked slapshot that breaks a stick in half, because if we had to replace those at the rate the pros go through them, you'd be saying "Egg McMuffin" to me every day at my third job at Mc'D's drive-thru window. And a hockey mom serving coffee at 5:30 in the morning might not be very pleasant. P.S., to all you hockey moms out there, I found a great T-shirt from that proudly displays the slogan "Hockey Mom from Hell." They actually have an entire line of items featuring that slogan so you can choose from anything from happy thong undies to a handy mouse pad for your office! One more thing to add to my shopping extravaganza list...

So the countdown is on until 8 p.m. tomorrow night to see if the Detroit Red Wings skate the Stanley Cup at their home arena. If they win tomorrow, Nick Lidstrom will be the first European captain to win a Stanley Cup. I hope the Pens get lots of rest and wake up Evgeni Malkin so we can see a good contest. And Wings, if you do win tomorrow, I expect to see a Beluga whale-sized octopus thrown onto the ice! Til tomorrow!

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