Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Lord Stanley's Cup Belongs to Detroit!

After another exciting game, the Detroit Red Wings held the Penguins off in the final seconds of Game 6 to win the Stanley Cup in Pittsburgh. Marian Hossa almost made a wrap around goal in the final seconds that would have tied the game but Wings goalie Chris Osgood turned him away. The Penguins made a magnificent run and have been a shining example of heart, strength and determination and for that, they should be incredibly proud. I was happy to see Evgeni Malkin break his dry spell and score one tonight - way to go Geno!

But alas, as they have been all season, Detroit was truly the dominant team. I actually predicted that they would win the Cup this year at the beginning of the season - too bad I don't play the lottery. They are so deep in talent with Zetterberg, Franzen (the Mule), Datsyuk, Hudler... the list goes on. I felt a little sorry for the old guy, Chris Chelios (oh wait, he's only a little bit older than me - who am I calling old?). At least they let the vet skate the Cup as third in line. I was wondering why he didn't play this series... this guy is never going to retire. I think he's trying to break Gordie Howe's record of playing til he's 52! So cheers to the Wings and to their fans...I'm sure Superior Fish House sold out of octopi tonight!

The thing about the last game of the Cup Finals is kind of like the letdown you get after Christmas. There's so much buildup and the games are so thrilling, and then it's over and you realize there's nothing to watch on t.v. until October (I'd rather watch paint dry than watch golf or baseball - especially after this phenomenal series!). So this hockey mom will be counting the days until training camp starts and in the meantime will try to keep up with the revolving door that is NHL free agency and the upcoming draft.

So party hard Red Wings and be sure to post your pictures of your many travels with the Cup!

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