Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Things Looking Up in Tampa Bay....

So things are looking a little brighter today for fans of the Tampa Bay Lightning. They've got new owners, the number one draft pick in Steve Stamkos and a new coach who sports one of the most highly-recognized mullets in sports history. Of course I'm referring to former coach and ESPN analyst Barry Melrose. I heard Barry's press conference today and he drew a lot of laughs when he stated "there's nowhere to go from here but up," as the Bolts were one of last teams in the National Hockey League last season despite their talented and young lineup, which includes Vincent LeCavalier and Martin St. Louis. I had the pleasure of watching my beloved Caps play the Bolts from a fabulous vantage point this past season and I have to admit that despite his short stature (he's 5'9"), Martin St. Louis is one of the fastest skaters I've ever seen. Every time the guy gets the puck, it's like watching the doggone Roadrunner from Bugs Bunny - beep beep, lookout!

So best of luck to you all - I'll personally miss hearing the "Mullet" on ESPN though!

As you all know, there hasn't been much Caps news the past few days. We're still counting down until Training Camp and waiting for the news that Mike Green and Christobal Huet have been signed. The good thing is that the team won't have to go second-hand shopping during the free agency period, as the roster has already shaped up quite nicely. I'm keeping my ear to ground for any good gossip (hockey moms always get the best gossip first)! And I love discussing rumors that have absolutely nothing to do with the Hollywood wastoid set of Paris Hilton, Brittany Spears or Lindsay Lohan!

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