Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Fourth and Thank You...

Hockey Mom wants to wish everyone a happy Independence Day and say thanks for our freedom, especially to those in the armed forces who are far away from home protecting our freedom every day! Even when the media forecasts doom and gloom and we're paying $4+ a gallon for gas, this is still an amazing country to live in and we all sometimes tend to forget the many rights that we have that don't exist in countries around the world.

For example, the freedom of speech is one that we probably all take for granted. This freedom allows me to express my views on the sport I love, along other various asundry topics, and in some way allows me to fulfill at least a portion of my dream. Anyone who's known me since my 20's knows I've long had a dream of a career in sports journalism or sports marketing. But things don't always go as one plans: people get married and follow their spouse's careers, have children (thank God!), marriages end, parents pass away and so eventually those dreams fall by the wayside for now and you roll with the punches and enact Plan B. I am thankful to have a job that I enjoy, my children, my friends and family and the freedom of speech to blog about two of my greatest passions: my kids (and their involvement in the world's coolest sport) and the NHL (especially the team of our great nation's capitol - our own Washington Caps)! We all know that millions of others don't have the freedom to express their individual views in many nations around the world so this is truly a day to celebrate.

But while I'm giving thanks, back to hockey for now. All you die-hard fans already know about this blog, but wanted to share with my hockey newbie pals. One of the other things I love is Puck Daddy's blog. This guy is hilarious and provides such a unique perspective, with a fabulous sense of humor. Yesterday's post included Sean Avery's workout regimen. So check it out! Speaking of super-pest Sean Avery and his eccentric ways, I wonder how his black nail polish is going to go over in his new home, Dallas? Note to self Sean, I think the Texas gals probably prefer hot pink so take note when you go for your next "man"icure!

So Happy Fourth everyone and see ya next week!

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