Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Shame on You, Huet....

I'm sorry but I'm still fuming over Christobal Huet's decision to string the Caps along up until July 1, get the offer he was seeking and then say "thanks but no thanks" and high-tail it to Chicago (who by the way, just signed former Sabres, former Sharks fab d-man Brian Campbell). Believe me, I understand that this is a business but Huet could have handled this situation in an entirely different fashion instead of hinting to the media that he wanted to stay in Washington. Have fun duking it out with Khabibulin in Chicago, Chris!

Of course the other news of note was the signing of the Caps long-time netminder and local hero Olaf Kolzig with the Tampa Bay Lightning (who are spending money like Ivana Trump at Saks Fifth Avenue!). All I can say is it will be a strange sight to say the least to see Olie in the opposing net at Verizon Center. Being a huge Olie fan, I wish him all the best...even if it has to be with a Southeast division rival.

So we should welcome Jose Theodore with open arms and hope that any future signings (Laich, Gordo and Fedorov, please - plus maybe some more veteran defensive help in front of the net) ensures that the team will be a major Cup contender next season.

For now, hockey mom needs to crack open a cold one and take a deep breath....

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Paul said...

Hi mom,

Have another cold one on me. And let us consider the beer as a role model and chill. Huet, Theodore, Kolzig, whoever. Think Ovechkin, Semin, Backstrom, Green, and coach Bruce (who is apparently the only guy in the world who loves to see a Cap player score more than I do). Everything will be OK. We will kick butt. We will be raising more than a few glasses of golden goodness over the upcoming season. Life is good. Enjoy it.

Paul R