Monday, July 7, 2008

MVP - The Must-Miss Hockey Drama

I have a confession to make. I not only watched one episode of MVP, the hockey-themed drama on Soapnet, I got sucked into the marathon and watched three. It was like a train wreck, but for some reason (probably boredom), I couldn't look away. During those three episodes, I saw absolutely no on-ice action but did glimpse the following: lots of guys with tight abs parading around in their skivvies, coke-snorting and prescription drug abuse, puck bunnies at every corner wearing next to nothing and waiting for their next "victim" and a drunken head coach. Puh-lease people, at least give us a little hockey or something to make it more real! Because the acting is not exactly what I'd deem Oscar-quality...

If I were to have a soap based on my life, it would probably be a combination of Julia Louis Dreyfus's New Adventures of the Old Christine and the PG-13/Pee Wee hockey version (were there such a thing) of the classic Slapshot. In any case, it would probably make for more humorous and interesting viewing than can only hope.

In other happenings today, the NHL has threatened Edmonton Oiler's GM Kevin Lowe and Anaheim Duck's GM Brian Burke with stiff fines should they choose to continue their verbal slugfest in the public arena via the media. I'm not sure whether I agree with the League stepping in, but hey guys, enough already!

I have to admit, the spars they come up with are somewhat amusing, albeit childish. Some of the insults that have been hurled towards each other sound a lot like the garbage I hear from my two in the back seat driving back from practice! So we'll see if these two GMs can keep their lips zipped or if they end up in timeout...does anyone know when these two teams play each other next year? Now that's a real-life not-to-be-missed drama!

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