Thursday, July 10, 2008

Welcome to Washington Jose!

So the Cap's new goalie, Jose Theodore, is slated to arrive at their practice facility any minute to be introduced to the media. Hockey Mom wanted to send her own personal welcome to our new netminder on behalf of all the fans in my acquaintance. We're all looking forward to seeing the newest member of the team at Training Camp. I'm also hoping that the team can lock up Mo (Shaone Morrison) and one of my faves, Boyd Gordon.

In the meantime, here's a glimpse of one of Theodore's glamorous saves as a member of the Colorado Avalanche:

So hopefully the Caps will have a few more signings before we leave for the white sands of the Gulf Coast tomorrow. If so, I'll hear about it from my guys on XM's Hockey This Morning or Power Play (satellite radio is one of the greatest inventions ever - especially on a 16-hour drive!) Am looking forward to a week of sun and sand and one less week that the drywall on my garage crumbles as a result of kids shooting pucks at it! Seriously, I'm afraid one day I'm going to be sitting at my computer (which lies on the other side of the garage wall) and the whole wall is just going to fall down! We had a net but of course they'd rather shoot at the wall - go figure.

So bon voyage and welcome home Jose!

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