Tuesday, July 1, 2008

My Favorite Color Is.....Green

As you've all probably heard, the Caps have signed a 4-year deal with defenseman Mike Green, ensuring that we get to witness more goal-scoring finesse from #52 next season!

As today marks the start of the free agency period, Caps fans are still waiting to see when other key players including Christobal Huet, Brooks Laich, Gordo (Boyd Gordon) and possibly Sergei Fedorov will get locked up (with a new contract, not jail - that's reserved for some of the thug-wannabes in the NBA and NFL, e.g. Pacman Jones). On a side note, as a new hockey fan and an active hockey mom, one of the other things I love about the NHL is that the players are fantastic role models. You don't hear about them involved in criminal activity or steriod investigations and these days, that's a rarity in professional sports! Now I am a big NFL fan and also follow some of the NBA players, but we all know that there are lots of bad apples in both leagues who have no business in professional sports. Like it or not, as a professional athlete you become a role model for young people by default.

So we'll wait to see how this day unfolds and keep our ears to the ground for any new Caps' signings along with news from around the league...

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