Thursday, July 24, 2008

Washington Mystics Coach Reacts to WBNA Brawl

Mystics interim coach, Jessie Kenlaw, voiced her disapointment over the WNBA fight in a statement released by the Washington Post: "I was really quite surprised," said Kenlaw, who is in her ninth year as an WNBA coach, most as an assistant. "I've never witnessed something like that before. I don't think there's an excuse for it, and I don't think we should tolerate it at all. That's not what the WNBA is all about and that's not something I'm going to promote."

Hockey Mom is in total agreement. These elite female athletes are role models for so many young women who are always battling to get above the "glass ceiling" in the sports arena and to see these incredibly talented women react like common street fighters was disheartening, to say the least.

Kudos to Coach Kenlaw for sharing her stance that WBNA players are truly above that kind of spectacle and there should be a no-tolerance policy for such antics on behalf of these smart and gifted female athletes and role models. Go Mystics!

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